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The Catholic Church has a long-standing history of supporting the protection of all human life from conception to natural death. This initiative agrees 100% with Catholic doctrine. We did not ask for resources from any of the Archdiocese in Colorado to promote this initiative. We have kept the Colorado Catholic Conference of Bishops informed as to our progress and have sought their input since our first contact in July 2021. The Conference of Bishops, while not supplying resources, has committed to us that they would also not interfere with our efforts, and there are many Catholic parishes across Colorado encouraging participation and welcoming Circulators. Drop-off and signing events are occurring in both Catholic and Protestant churches across the state. The Archbishop of Denver has personally thanked one of our sponsors, who is a devout Catholic, for her "advocacy for the unborn" and "work for pre-born children in our state". Our grassroots movement, which is ecumenical, is consistent with the teaching of the Catholic Church. We welcome participation from anyone who believes in the Sanctity of all Human Life and the protection of all innocent children. Jesus said, "whatever you did unto the least of these... you did unto me." 

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