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How Can I Help?

Would you like to save the lives of children, protect women, and be on the cutting edge of making a difference in the future of Colorado?

Equal Protection of Every Living Child protects all children regardless of age, level of development, disability/ability, sex/gender, health, origin, or race/ethnicity!

We will need Circulators across the state to gather more than 130,000 signatures needed (on paper petitions) to get this prolife initiative onto the ballot in Colorado in 2024!

Until we can start circulating, please help us educate people across the state and recruit teams of Circulators within your church. We are available to meet with any pastor, church group, or organization to provide education on fetal development, abortion procedures, and answer questions about this initiative.

This initiative is for a people's vote on the ballot and bypasses the legislature. If passed, this would protect more than 24,000 children before the next election cycle!   


Will you join us in choosing life for these children?

Please use any of the materials free of charge from this website to educate others.

1. The videos, articles, and handouts you can share in your church and with others; feel free to share the ones most meaningful to you in a small or large group setting.

2. Here are some of the free courses, you can take and share with others.

3. Sign up for updates so you can stay informed as we put forward a statewide Equal Protection initiative to save the lives of children and protect their mothers from exploitation.

4. You can start a Life Impact Group in Your congregation or parish to increase churchgoer vote and awareness - register churchgoers to vote and encourage them to vote for life! 

5. Please encourage your pastor to preach on the importance of protecting life through just laws - there are many sermons, Scriptures, and educational resources on this website for reference.

6. Thank you for praying, educating, engaging, and mobilizing your church and community for life! Choose a couple ways you can get started today!

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