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Who We Are

We are a movement within the Body of Christ of more than 900 individuals (and growing) across Colorado praying, educating, and working to end abortion in our state. We support and collaborate with any and all prolife individuals and organizations serious about ending abortion in our state, and we are using a cutting-edge strategy - already laid out in Scripture - as we put forward a prolife initiative that by-passes the legislature and brings the information and decision directly to the people for a vote. This is a legal paper petition (not online) that gets this initiative directly onto the ballot. We include women advocates, health professionals, attorneys, doctors, experts in sexual assault and partner violence, children's advocates, social workers, law enforcement, first responders, pastors, priests, teachers, nurses, mothers, fathers, grandparents, political strategists, and community leaders from all walks of life.


Protect Every Living Child and Mother in Our State from the Unnecessary Exploitation, Abuse, Violence, and deaths of abortion

Every mother and child can be protected from the deception and harm of abortion and referred to non-violent alternatives.


Put forward an Equal Protection Initiative in Colorado for the 2024 ballot to protect women from victimization and children from intentional deaths by applying protective laws to all children without discrimination, regardless of age or level of development.

If just 20% more churchgoers vote - and vote prolife - Colorado will flip to a prolife state in one election cycle! Our goal is to engage God's people in prayer and action to protect all children's lives without discrimination.


Our strategy is based solely in Biblical principles.

God's approach to evil is to repent. He says to the woman caught in adultery, "Neither do I condemn you, now, go and sin no more." Today is the day of salvation. With one unified voice, we must speak the truth - the whole truth and nothing but the truth - about the realities of the humanity of our children in the womb, the brutality of dismembering and poisoning children before they can be born, and the hope we have in Christ for these children and their mothers to live productive, fulfilled, and joy-filled lives!

Colorado has more than 200 pregnancy care centers, churches, and adoption placement agencies available to help women and their children! We do not have to answer suffering with the further suffering and death of abortion! Because we know better, we can do better for women and children! Women and children deserve the compassion of our citizens for their protection in law.

Children are intentionally killed every day in Colorado for profit. This is not a political game. For the moral and spiritual health of every woman, man, and child, we have to stop the holocaust of abortion. What is God calling you to do to protect the least of these?

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How We Started

After being approached in the Spring of 2021 by a prolife leader in the state, three women began praying weekly specifically about an initiative. The Dobbs case wasn't in the press, yet, and Colorado had not yet passed one of the most tragic laws in the world providing no protection for children through birth! 

After nine months seeking God for wisdom, God moved in our hearts to write an initiative to protect all children without discrimination from intentional death. God directed our little group of women - one a women's advocate, one a school teacher, and one a medical professional - to think and write an initiative differently than has ever been tried before.

Prior to the rewrite, the theoretical approach we were taking was what some might call "incrementalism", chipping away at bad laws to save some children while allowing other children to die, instead of creating a good law all at once. Until we realized this is how our enemy works, chipping away at us and moving us away from the truth. It is not how God works. God says cease doing evil and learn to do what is right. (Isaiah 1)

The way we've approached the prolife issue for the past 56+ years has left us with one of the most liberal laws for killing children in the United States and the world. There are only six countries in the world killing children like we do in Colorado. 

We have enlisted the advice of some top attorneys as well as citizens involved in past initiatives and are inviting organizations and individuals across the state to unify on behalf of children. We invite anyone who would like to eliminate the killing of innocent children in Colorado to join us in prayer, petition, and helping others support this effort to protect all children before, during, and after birth.​

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