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Mobilizing the State

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1. We have organized the state by Regions: North (Larimer/Weld), North Central (Jefferson, Arapahoe, Adams, Boulder, Denver), Central (Douglas, Elbert, El Paso, Teller), South (Pueblo and surrounding counties), East, and West. Each Region is organized by state Task Force members and their teams. A Point of Contact from each church communicates with their area team as they distribute and return petitions within their church. 

2. Petitions are printed and hand delivered to each Region of the State. These are official paper petitions that are hand delivered to Circulators and will require physical signatures of registered voters. 

3. Individuals may obtain petitions by attending a Distribution Event, or by contacting their church Point of Contact, a state or regional Task Force member, or through the Contact page of this website.

4. Churches may host Distribution Events and become Distribution and Return locations for their area.
5. The official paper petitions have section numbers at the bottom of the page that are signed out to individual Circulators using the Petition Sign Out Sheet. Petition Sign Out Sheets are used by the Regional Teams and everyone who hands out petitions. Once a group of petitions is signed out to a Point of Contact, that person is responsible for tracking the contact information of the individuals they hand petitions to using the Petition Sign Out Sheet.

6. Each official petition section has room for forty (40) signatures. The person responsible for a petition is called the "Circulator". The Circulator carries the petition to people they know (or don't know) asking if they will sign the petition to get the measure onto the 2024 ballot for a vote by the people. (They do not have to agree with the measure to sign that they want the issue to go for a vote.) The Circulator must be at least 18 years old and a US Citizen. Those signing the petition must also be a registered voter in the state of Colorado. (They may register online.)

7. Circulators should read carefully the instructions "How to Circulate a Petition". Once the petition packet is filled with signatures, or it's the deadline for returning the petition packet, Circulators must sign the last page of the official petition packet in front of a Notary. (Anyone may walk into their bank and ask for a Notary.)

8. Petitions may be returned as soon as all forty (40) signature blocks are completed. Petition Sections handed out in November and December and completed with all forty (40) signatures are due back to Regional Task Force members by January 15, 2024 (Martin Luther King, Jr Holiday). Petitions handed out in January and February will be due back to Regional Teams no later than March 31, 2024 (Easter Sunday). All petition sections will be hand delivered by Regional Teams to the Proponents the following week. Any petition with even one signature on it must be notarized and handed back. **Please do NOT mail any petitions, as we have had petitions shredded in the mail.

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