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Leading from the Pulpit

Though politicized by proponents, killing children is not a political issue. It is a moral and spiritual issue affecting every believer, because God specifically commands us throughout Scripture that we are not to kill innocent people or enact unjust (unfair) laws that apply to some people but not to everyone.

When we as believers abandoned the politics that govern our state and nation to those who have no fear of God or moral compass, we left our government to people without wisdom. By abandoning politics – and our mission of being salt and light in every sphere of influence – we have abandoned the laws that govern us and that led to the corruption we see today.

The so-called wisdom of humans is not even on the same playing field as the wisdom of God! According to Scripture, our hearts are wickedly evil and we are foolish in our nature. What we think seems good leads us only to death. Without the fear of God, there isn’t even the beginning of wisdom.

Because abortion is a moral and spiritual issue, it is best addressed from the pulpit. Throughout Scripture, God lets us get to know His character. God cares deeply about justice. God cares about the innocent. God cares about children. We need to care about what God cares about.

Whether it be education, career, sexual experimentation, or abortion itself, abortion sacrifices children to the idolatry of what our hearts have placed before obedience to God. Idol worship throughout Scripture involved the sacrifice of children and opens the door to demonic and satanic strongholds in the lives of those who participate. Those suffering in its wake need to know that the grace of God is bigger than their sin. And those considering participating need to be warned of its physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences.

We are called by God to lead the culture from the pulpit, lead public opinion, not follow it. Confront evil, not compromise with it. When people come to hear a sermon, they expect to hear what Christianity believes, not what they've already heard out in the world. From the pulpit, we can raise the standard of truth, right and wrong, wise and foolish, Godly and worldly, to help save those who are listening. We are to impact the culture, rather than be impacted by the culture.

People don't evolve to know the truth; truth must be spoken, just as God spoke the universe into creation. That's the God we serve, the God we should please, and the God we should represent any time we stand behind the pulpit. From behind the pulpit, minds are changed and hearts are exchanged. If confronted with truth, and the Christ who is Truth, the listener will never be the same, and neither will the world the listener touches. For where the pulpit leads, the culture follows.


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