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Commonly Asked Questions

Because it is always the right time to do the right thing ...

1.  What is the purpose of this initiative?

The purpose of this initiative is to protect women, children, and our society from the devastating effects of killing children for profit any time prior to, during, or after birth regardless of the child's age, level of development, ability or disability, ethnicity, gender, etc. 

Because it is never in a mother's best interest to kill her child, and never medically necessary to purposefully take the life of a child, we have written the People's Initiative to educate and eliminate not only surgical killing of children, but online pills and DIY killings so that women can get the help that they need to get out of the trap of abuse and victimization often leading her to take the life of her child.

Our intent is to protect women from the exploitation of sex traffickers, rapists, and those profiting off a woman's immediate circumstances while protecting children from the moment a child is conceived. It is our hope to help women get away from abusers and not be revictimized. This initiative elevates all innocent children with equal protection and brings dignity to women. 

A woman should never feel that her only alternative is to sacrifice the life of her child. Men don't sacrifice being a father to reach for their dreams; women can be mothers and reach for our dreams, too! We can enjoy our children and a career! There are many organizations helping meet the immediate needs of mothers and children. Women are not helped by killing our children at any age or stage of development. We are too developed of a society to condone child sacrifice.

There are thousands of couples wanting to adopt, if raising a child is not what a mother wants for herself. But most women want their children, they are just in a difficult circumstance and need immediate help. By meeting women's needs where they are we eliminate the myth that women have to be able to kill their children in order to reach their full potential. Women and children can reach their highest potential together, and without sacrificing one for the other.

Currently in Colorado, more than twelve thousand children are killed legally every year by poison and dismemberment through birth. This initiative makes it "unlawful for any person to murder a child." The definition for "murder of a child" is "intentionally causing the death of a living human being at any time prior to, during, or after birth while the child is under the age of 18 years...." After 18 years, adults enjoy full protections under the law. This initiative gives all children equal protection regardless of age or level of development. Children need protection of the law until they can grow up and protect and speak for themselves. Every child deserves a birthday. 

2.  About Us.

We are more than 700 individuals across the state of Colorado who want to see an end to abortion in our state. We include women advocates, health professionals, attorneys, doctors, experts in sexual assault and partner violence, children's advocates, social workers, law enforcement, first responders, pastors, priests, teachers, nurses, mothers, fathers, grandparents, political candidates, and community leaders from all walks of life.

After being approached in the Spring of 2021 by a prolife leader in the state, three women began praying weekly specifically about an initiative. The Dobbs case wasn't in the press, yet, and Colorado had not yet passed one of the most tragic laws in the world providing no protection for children through birth! 

After nine months seeking God for wisdom, and within two days of submitting the verbiage to the Title Board of the state, God moved in our hearts to drastically rewrite the draft. I believe God directed our little group of women - one a women's advocate, one a school teacher, and one a medical professional - to think and write an initiative differently than has ever been tried before.

Prior to the rewrite, the theoretical approach we were taking was what some might call "incrementalism", chipping away at bad laws to save some children while allowing other children to die, instead of creating a good law all at once. Until we realized this is how our enemy works, chipping away at us and moving us away from the truth. It is not how God works. God says cease doing evil and learn to do what is right. (Isaiah 1)

The way we've approached the prolife issue for the past 56+ years has left us with one of the most liberal laws for killing children in the United States and the world. There are only six countries in the world killing children like we do in Colorado. We seem to be so proud of what should shame us! And we use the excuse that we do it because it helps women. But killing children doesn't help women.

Billions of dollars have been spent on catchy slogans to convince us we need to be able to kill children and it's all about women. When it is actually all about money and needless shedding of innocent blood. Women are being raped of our children for profit. 

We have enlisted the advice of some top attorneys as well as citizens involved in past initiatives and are inviting organizations and individuals across the state to unify on behalf of children. We invite anyone who would like to eliminate the killing of innocent children in Colorado to join us in prayer, petition, and helping others support this effort to protect all children before, during, and after birth.​

3. Why are there no exceptions? 

There is never a medical reason to purposefully take the life of a child. While all attempts may not be successful, it is always possible to attempt to save both lives of mother and child. As long as a doctor is attempting to save both lives, and does not intentionally murder a child, this initiative does not affect the accidental death of a child, a naturally occurring miscarriage, or an ectopic pregnancy. 

It is a myth that purposefully taking the life of a child through suction, dismemberment, toxic injection, or ingested drug helps women. It does not take away a woman's victimization, but can trap a woman in continuing abuse, encourage a perpetrator's recidivism, and prevent justice. 

Delivering a living child through c-section is safer, faster, and less traumatic for women than laboring to give birth to a dead or dying child, or stretching the cervix prematurely to surgically remove a developing child, or to subject women to the very painful and potentially dangerous process of losing an early pregnancy. Miscarriage is traumatic for women; and purposeful miscarriage is especially traumatic for women and revictimizes women.  

4. What if it doesn't pass?

There has perhaps never been in the state of Colorado such a clear choice between life and death. We have only two choices, and each of us will have to decide which side we are on. Either we do nothing, and by our silence, condone killing children through birth as our law currently stands, or we act on the sanctity of every human life by working to protect every child equally. 

Many people have been praying to end killing children in our state, and there is no reason to doubt that God may be answering our prayers by giving us an opportunity to do something about it!

We are sending a message that not every Coloradan is ok with current law allowing children to be killed through birth! If everyone in the state who cares about the lives of children votes for this People's Initiative, it can pass!

We will each decide if we will participate in the deaths of children in our state, or if we will "love our neighbor as ourselves" to help women and families avoid the unnecessary pain of participating in the death of a child.

In 2010, a prolife initiative received 500,000 votes. In 2020, a prolife initiative received 1.1 million votes. We need approximately 600,000 more votes to pass Equal Protection of Every Living Child in 2022! And we need at least 125,000 signatures by July to get it onto the ballot.

Regardless of what we believe, we will each give an account someday to our Creator - and theirs - for our actions and our vote. 


​5. What about women?  

The most loving standard for women and men is given by God Himself: "Thou shalt not kill". The spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being of a woman is harmed when she participates in the death of her child, as are men, our communities, and our state. A doctor-performed death needs to be illegal, as any kind of child killing, including "back alley" and DIY killings before, during, and after birth. The same rules that apply to killing anyone will be applied to killing a child, equally. This would promote justice by creating a just law. Equal Protection under the Law protects women and saves the lives of children and brings men to accountability for their actions. Every woman has a right to choose where, when, and with whom to engage in the activities leading to the creation of a child, and if she doesn't, men need to be held accountable and women need access to a safe place to get the help that they need. Killing a child does not undo sexual assault, it only further assaults a woman.

6. What will the opposition say?  

Those profiting from killing children will continue to mislead voters. It is our responsibility to educate voters. While we are aware of their tactics and the arguments they will use, we can't base what we do on what they will do or say. It is our job to speak the truth in love. 

There are many victims when we don't protect children. Everybody involved. That's why we need a hard stop. Whatever the public thinks, public opinion can change. And we can be the instruments of peace to facilitate that change. We should never settle for, or compromise with, evil. Killing children at any age or stage of development is evil.

7. Why this wording? 

This initiative protects women and saves the lives of children. 

Civilized societies create laws to protect people. Just laws are fair and apply to everyone. Seat belt laws protect people. We have laws against taking a gun and shooting people in the street or children in a school. Laws help inform that there is danger or consequences that we want to prevent people from experiencing. The more we want to prevent a behavior, the more severe we make the consequences. And everyone is entitled to due process of the law. People assume when something is illegal, there's a reason not to do it. When something is legal, young people assume it is also safe, and if it is illegal it is unsafe. We know that killing children prior to birth is legal, but it is not safe. Traditionally, in the United States our laws have agreed with God's moral law. "Thou shalt not kill" has traditionally informed our laws on homicide.

"Equal Protection of All Living Children from murder regardless of age or level of development" creates a fair and just law so that we don't protect some children while allowing others to die. This initiative would protect women, children, and our society from the devastating effects of killing children any time prior to, during, or after birth. This initiative would eliminate surgically and chemically killing children and require that doctors do their best to protect the lives and health of both children and mothers. This initiative provides legal remedy for women to escape abusers and prevent revictimization. It encourages women to find safe community organizations committed to helping with resources, mentors, safe housing, and the gift of adoption, if desired. Abusers will no longer have a legal scapegoat to cover their actions and will be held accountable. 

This initiative is educational for every circulator and person who signs it and can educate every registered voter in the state of Colorado when it goes onto the ballot in November.  This initiative is accurate, honest, moral, protective, and fair.

This initiative applies existing laws protecting children who have already been born to children about to be born. The reason "up to 18 years" is included is because it is defining "murder of a child", and a child is up to 18 years. (We had to include this in the definition for legal purposes.)

We hope to unify all who care about all lives of children. 

8. Will a woman go to jail for murdering a child?

If this initiative passes, it will put abortion clinics out of business, make it illegal for pharmacies to dispense abortion pills, and medical personnel will no longer be allowed to legally kill children.

More than 40% of women experiencing abortion are being coerced directly by another individual, and most women feel societal pressure. If someone tries to perform an abortion on a woman, that person would be arrested, and the woman would be given medical care or safety from her abuser coercing her. Not having access to abortion will take pressure off women agonizing with that decision. If there are no abortion clinics or abortion pills, it would eliminate breaking the law, but if someone did try to take the life of her child, they would have due process of law and she would have access to medical care, counseling, and an attorney would be provided, if needed.

If we believe in the sanctity of all human life, then we will create laws that value the sanctity of all human life. We have a moral responsibility to protect all children equally, not protect some children while allowing other children to die. Abortion is damaging to women, families, and communities, and painful and permanent for any child losing his/her life.   

We either agree with God that killing a child is murder and wrong (whether a man or woman is performing it), or it is not wrong to kill children created in the image of God. Children with only one life with faces and beating hearts who can feel pain are the most innocent and vulnerable among us and dependent on us to be human toward them. If we do nothing, we are by our silence condoning abortion through birth which is the current law in Colorado. Or, we have a unique opportunity in 2022 to protect all living children from painfully losing their lives.  

9. How can I help? 


  • Share your story to help others vote for this initiative once it gets on the ballot.

  • ​​Encourage friends and organizations to get involved! 

You may mail a check to:

Colorado Life Initiative

PO Box 3
Brush, CO 80723

We would love your support!   

Your Colorado Life Initiative Committee

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