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What No One Told Us About Abortion


57,000 women die from abortion every year (WHO, 2019)

More than 5 million women are admitted to hospitals annually due to complications from an abortion (WHO, 2019).

55% of women seek psychiatric care following an abortion when they never indicated needing it before.

More than 40% of women expressed feeling coerced to have an abortion.
Abortion can cause infertility, early miscarriage, perforations, stroke, hemorrhage, infection, and death in women.

Abortion is attributed to an increase in depression and suicidal tendencies in women.

Abortion is the number one cause of death for children in the United States.

More than 60 million children have been aborted in the United States since 1973.

A seven- week child during the embryonic stage of development (9 week LMP) feels pain and will move away when touched.
During a late term abortion, the child is overdosed on a drug to stop the heart (takes several hours to several days for the child to die) and a mother is put into labor to give birth to a dead child.
A late term abortion is more dangerous than natural childbirth, as a living child helps labor by moving into position and moving through the cervix.
Women experiencing a late term abortion report feeling their baby thrash and fighting to live during the abortion procedure.

Abortion is never medically necessary. In an ectopic pregnancy, the child does not have to be purposefully killed. In pregnancy, medical professionals can always try to save both mother and child.

In the third trimester, giving birth to a living child in an emergency c-section is safer for women than a late term abortion intended to kill her child which puts a mother in labor and can last up to three days.

Based on women who were advised to abort but gave birth to children thought to be terminally ill, many children diagnosed with terminal conditions in the womb are born healthy and live normal lives.
More than 80% of initiatial fetal diagnostic testing showing an abnormality are wrong. (NY Times, 2022)

In the first year of legalizing abortion, child abuse of children outside the womb rose 300%.

Multiple studies link breast cancer to early miscarriage (natural or induced) of a first pregnancy.

There are thousands of couples waiting and wanting to adopt babies. There aren’t enough babies in the United States to adopt.

The foster care system is filled with children whose parents want them and are not wanting to give up their parental rights. The children are there due to abuse or neglect, not because parents don’t want them.

There are more than 2,000 pregnancy care centers across the country helping women at no-cost with practical helps such as infant clothing, baby items, diapers and up to everything a mom needs to bring her baby home, parenting classes, budget assistance, help with housing, professional counseling, emotional support, and care to address her fears, concerns, or overwhelming challenges while pregnant.

Modern Adoption is free to the biological mom and offers no-cost professional counseling, help with costs related to pregnancy including housing, clothing, and medical expenses. Through Modern Adoption, the biological mom gets to pick the parents she wants to raise her child, how involved she wants to be in her child’s life, and what her birthing experience will be like.

Children are a complete living human being at the moment of conception, have a heartbeat at 21 days, have a face by five weeks, brain waves by six weeks, and feel pain by seven weeks (9 weeks LMP).

Women can reach for their dreams while caring for their children. Women who were thinking about abortion and chose not to abort report they are glad they did not abort their children.

Abortion does not solve homelessness, poverty, or undo sexual assault. Abortion adds additional trauma and grief that intensifies over time.

Unintended consequences of abortion can include rage, broken relationships, lack of motivation, depression, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies.

It is never medically necessary to intentionally cause the death of a child; a medical professional can always try to save both.

Abortion involves poisoning a child and putting the woman into labor or stretching the woman’s cervix and pulling the child’s body apart in pieces.
Abortion harms women. Abortion exploits women for profit. Women do not need abortion. Abortion does not help women.

Women who have experienced an abortion have 138% higher risk of mental health problems than women who have given birth.

Women who abort a child have higher rates of anxiety (34%), depression (37%), addictions (110% alcohol, 230% marijuana), and increased risk of suicide (155%).

More than Forty percent (40%) of women report that they were coerced into having an abortion by a boyfriend or family member.

More than half of live births are due to pregnancies that were not planned by the parents.

More than half of all abortions are performed on women who were using a form of contraception during the time that they got pregnant.

Rape, incest, and life of the mother account for less than 2% of all abortions. Ninety-eight percent (98%) of all elective abortions do not involve rape, incest, or life of the mother.

Rape violates a woman’s body, and abortion violates a child’s body.
More than twelve thousand children are intentionally killed in Colorado every year through poison or dismemberment prior to birth.

73.8% of women who aborted their children said they were not informed of other options available to them.


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