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Are You Smarter than a Politician?


The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom; A good understanding have all those who do His commandments. (Psalm 111:10)

1. All children should be protected beginning at conception. Do we …

  1. Collect signatures for an initiative that protects all children beginning at conception

  2. Prohibit signatures for an initiative that protects all children beginning at conception

2. It’s important that we don’t fail, so we …

  1. Work harder

  2. Give up

3. 48,000 more children are projected to die in Colorado before the next presidential election unless we change the law, so we …

  1. Fight hard for an initiative that will change the law

  2. Discourage and prohibit passing an initiative that will change the law

4. Every initiative for life has gathered more votes in support for life. We are within 20% of passing an initiative for life, so we …

  1. Work to get 20% more registered voters to vote for life

  2. Do nothing to change the percentage of voters voting for life

  3. Tell everyone nothing has passed in the past so nothing will ever pass

5. Praying, educating, and mobilizing Christians to vote for life will

  1. Help the cause to protect children

  2. Hurt the cause for years to come

6. God requires His people to be …

  1. Successful

  2. Obedient

  3. Complacent and Neutral “lukewarm”

7. When planning strategy, we should…

  1. Listen to what abortionists say and base what we do on what they say

  2. Listen to what God says and base what we do on what God says

8. We believe God’s law is perfect, so we try to …

  1. Align man’s laws with God’s law

  2. Align man’s law with whatever we think is best in the moment

9. Abortion is inherently evil. To defeat evil, we must …

  1. Take immediate action to end the evil

  2. Keep talking about how bad the evil is

10. If we think public opinion is not in our favor, we should …

  1. Be proactive in changing public opinion

  2. Wait to see if public opinion changes

  3. Follow public opinion

11. The life initiative is written to educate every voter about the humanity of preborn children and how these children are treated inhumanely. We want to …

  1. Help get enough signatures to get it onto the ballot to educate voters

  2. Try to keep it off the ballot so no one talks about protecting children

12. If more groundwork needs to be laid, we should …

  1. Pitch in and help lay the groundwork that we see needs to be done

  2. Scrap the whole mission until someone else lays the groundwork

13. Making it illegal to mutilate and intentionally cause the death of children means that

  1. Children will no longer be tortured to death

  2. Mothers will no longer be referred for abortions 

  3. Doctors may no longer mutilate and intentionally kill children

  4. All of the above

14. The initiative doesn’t need exceptions, because

  1. It’s not necessary to intentionally mutilate and cause the death of a child

  2. Children shouldn’t die for the sins of their father

  3. C-section is safer and faster

  4. Abortion pills can cause hemorrhage, infection, and death

  5. Abortion violates a mother’s body

  6. All of the above

15. 81% of women who have experienced an abortion have psychological issues following including:

  1. Rage

  2. Suicidal tendencies

  3. Anxiety

  4. Depression

  5. Increased drug and alcohol dependence

  6. All of the above

16. We should make decisions based on

  1. Fear and speculation of what might happen in the future

  2. Faith and vision of what could happen in the future

17. A just law that God can bless is fair and equal, meaning that

  1. Everyone is expected to obey it and everyone is protected by it

  2. Only some people have to obey it and only some people are protected by it

18. Laws are created to

  1. Protect innocent people and prevent harm to oneself and others

  2. Find ways to prosecute people through tickets and fines

19. If women are exploited and victimized by abortion clinics, we should

  1. Close abortion clinics

  2. Keep abortion clinics open

20. To prevent the spiritual, emotional, and relational damage abortion causes women and the torture it causes children, we should

  1. Create law that protects women and children from the trauma and damage of abortion

  2. Tell mothers no one else can kill their child, but it’s alright if they do

21. Laws should be created when

  1. We already have a culture of life so no one would violate the law anyway

  2. We need to create a culture of life so we use the law as a tutor to teach right from wrong

22. Children are blessings we didn’t know we needed, valuable, made in the image of God, with the same personality, soul, and body prior to birth as following birth, so we should

  1. Protect all children without discrimination for their location, age, health, or birth status

  2. Show partiality between children, protecting some children more than others

23. If passed, the new law would

  1. Revoke permits and licenses from abortion clinics

  2. Require doctors to try to save lives

  3. Prohibit anyone from intentionally mutilating or taking the life of a child

  4. All of the above

24. Abortionists will oppose us if we stand for life. We should

  1. Not stand for life

  2. Fear God more than men

25. We are more likely to defeat abortion legislation if we

  1. Mobilize Christians to replace bad law with good law

  2. Tell prolife people to stay home​

26. Ohio's strategy was to defeat an abortion amendment and not try to put forward a prolife measure. The strategy failed. We should ...

  1. Do exactly what Ohio did and expect a different result​

  2. Learn from Ohio's mistake and do something different

27. This is the first prolife initiative on the Colorado ballot since the overturn of Roe. We should

  1. Make every effort to support it​

  2. Stay home and hope someone else supports it

28. If we do not vote for this initiative, abortion until birth remains legal in Colorado. To protect life, we should ...

  1. Tell people we are "prolife" but work against a prolife measure

  2. Argue about the wording while children continue to die

  3. Do everything we can to help the initiative pass to save the lives of children

29. The German holocaust killed 6 million innocents. This holocaust has killed more than 60 million innocents. What are we willing to do?

  1. Risk our lives storming the banks of Normandy

  2. Collect one petition of 40 signatures from people we know (and don’t know)

  3. Sign a petition and vote for life

  4. Encourage others to sign a petition and vote for life

  5. Find others in our church to also circulate petitions

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