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Full Text of the 2023-2024 Life Initiative


Be it Enacted by the People of the State of Colorado:


SECTION 1. In Colorado Revised Statutes, add part 9 to article 6 of title 18 as follows:


Part 9

Equal Protection of Every Living Child in Colorado


18-6-901. Declaration of the People.

The People of the State of Colorado find and declare that:

1) It is the will of the People of the State of Colorado to uphold the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution according to the Preamble of the United States Constitution securing the blessings of life and liberty to our Posterity.

2) The state of Colorado exercises its Constitutional and God-given responsibility to ensure equal protection to all individuals within its jurisdiction.

3) It is unethical to intentionally kill innocent human beings. Children are fully human, alive, and growing from day one when two gametes combine to form the unique DNA of a new living human being at conception. The child's development is highly organized and complex, including a beating heart, detectable brainwaves, feeling pain, creating blood cells with blood type, unique fingerprints and facial expressions before entering fetal development at ten weeks of life. If the preborn child is healthy enough, with normal nutrition, time, and protection, the child will continue to live through birth, typically forty weeks.

4) It is not necessary to intentionally cause the death of a child. Medical personnel shall not purposefully destroy lives. Living children must not be dismembered, scalded, poisoned, or caused fatal harm through inhumane treatment.

5) A child's bodily autonomy does not diminish the bodily autonomy or protection of others. No one benefits from physically harming or taking the life of a child. Children shall be allowed to continue to live, protected, nourished, comforted, and welcomed into the world.

6) No human being is property of another human to dispose of at-will. No human being shall be denied equal protection as persons simply because they cannot defend themselves.

7) Every living child deserves to live his or her one life, without discrimination for age, developmental ability or disability, health, prognoses, sex, socio-economic background, origin, nationality, ethnicity, or birth status.

8) Resources and non-violent alternatives are available for all children and their parents to address individual needs without resorting to the violence of physically harming or taking a child's life.

18-6-902. Definitions. As used in this Part 9:


1) "Dispensary" refers to any business, warehouse, pharmacy, or distribution service that knowingly provides in-person or through the mail drugs, medications, or surgical tools for the purpose of dismembering, mutilating, poisoning, scalding, or in any way causing intentional physical harm to a living human child intended to cause
death or intended to cause permanent disability to an otherwise healthy and
functioning body of a child. Dispensary does not apply to surgical tools or
medications that are not specifically dispensed for the purpose of killing or
disfiguring a child.

2) "Facility" means any medical or surgical location that uses medicine or surgical tools to cause intentional physical damage to a living child intended to cause death or to damage otherwise healthy functioning parts of a child's body.

3) "Living human child" refers to any living human being from the moment
human life biologically begins at conception through every stage of biological development until the child reaches emancipation as an adult. "Living human child" does not refer to a human child no longer living.

18-6-903. Equal Protection of Every Living Child

1) Lawful Protection. A living human child must not be intentionally dismembered, mutilated, poisoned, scalded, starved, stabbed, given toxic injections known to cause death, left to die of the elements for lack of warmth or nutrition, used for experimentation, or treated in any way inhumanely to cause intentional physical harm leading to intended death or intended to cause disability to otherwise healthy and functioning parts of the body of a child.


2) Enforcement. Any facility or dispensary engaged in or facilitating a violation of subsection (1) of this section shall be permanently closed and all permits and licenses of the facility, dispensary, and practicing medical personnel shall be permanently revoked, regardless of the living human child's age or developmental stage at the time of the violation or whether the child was born at the time of the violation. District attorneys, local law enforcement, local municipalities, city councils, and county commissioners shall have concurrent jurisdiction with the attorney general to enforce subsection (1) of this section, based on their individual enforcement authority and legal processes under the law, to include prosecuting facilities and dispensaries engaged in, or facilitating, the intentional physical harm of
a child leading to a child's disability or a child's death, and to deny any permit, or revoke any permit, to any facility that may engage in or is engaged in violation of subsection (1) of this section. The homicide of a human child at any time prior to,
during, or following birth shall be treated in accordance with Colorado Revised statutes section 18-3-101 to 18-3-107, without discrimination for the victim's age, ability or disability, health, origin, sex, ethnicity, socio-economic background, or birth status.

18-6-904. Self-Executing. Sections 18-6-901, 18-6-902, and 18-6-903 shall be self-executing and supersede any conflicting statutes, legislation, or judgments.

SECTION 2. Applicability. This act applies to offenses committed on or after January 1, 2025.

SECTION 3. Effective Date. This act shall take effect January 1, 2025, if approved by the vote of the people.

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