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What will it mean if
every child is protected equally?



  • Facilities that deceive women and prey upon children to take their lives will not be able to legally operate or advertise.

  • Women who find they are pregnant will no longer think of abortion as a legitimate option.

  • Women will be referred, and given resources through more than 44 pregnancy care centers across the state, plus churches, domestic violence and sexual assault centers, and other community resources addressing her specific needs and concerns.

  • Instances of anxiety and depression among women will decrease.

  • Instances of infertility will decrease as abortion rates decrease.

  • Women will be discouraged from risking harm to themselves caused by abortion.

  • Women will not agonize over decisions of which children to give birth, and which children to eliminate.

  • Women will consider not having sex with men they do not want to father their children.

  • Women will not feel societal pressures and feel coerced or expected to have an abortion.

  • This initiative does not apply to women who had abortions prior to 2025.



  • Fathers who would like to have children and be involved in their children’s lives will not feel helpless in protecting and providing for their children.

  • Men pressuring a woman to abort will either stop coercing women to take the lives of their children or face possible prosecution.

  • Men who perpetrate sexual assault on women will not be able to cover their crimes through abortion so that they may be caught, and through current Colorado law can be forced to pay child support while prevented from being in their child’s life.



  • Thousands of children's lives will be saved, with an estimated 24,000 children saved in the first two years before the next election cycle!

  • Children will be valued and allowed to live their one and only life to the fullest extent possible.

  • Children will sense and know they have value, regardless how they were conceived, their health, their abilities, or their age.

  • Children will not be treated as property. 



  • Grandparents will be able to enjoy their grandchildren and extended families will be able to welcome children into their homes.

  • The thousands of couples waiting to adopt a baby will start to be able to adopt babies. Legal and financial barriers to adoption will be lowered to meet the need.

  • Churches, nonprofits, and communities are able to provide mothers encouragement, resources, and a loving community.


The Medical Field

  • Medical doctors will be expected to save the lives of all patients and will no longer be pressured to participate in, or offer, abortion.

  • Hospitals will work to save the lives of both mothers and children.

  • Abortion clinics will be closed.

  • Abortion pills will not be prescribed.

  • Finances and energies that were spent destroying lives can be spent in developing better ways to save and protect the lives of both mothers and children.

  • The billions of dollars spent in marketing abortion can be used to help women and children and society through non-violent and loving empowerment to better women’s and children’s lives instead of taking and destroying lives.

  • Frozen embryos in fertility clinics will be protected. More embryos will not be created than will be implanted. More embryos will not be implanted than given birth. Selective abortions during fertility treatments would no longer take place.

  • Birth control methods that do not take the lives of children will continue to be marketed and prescribed.



  • Laws that have protected people from assault, homicide, and wrongful death after their birth will protect them before birth—from the moment of conception.

  • The same justice system protecting children after they are born protects the same children prior to being born.

  • Women have a chance to escape their abusers since abusers will no longer have the legal option of covering their crimes through abortions.

  • All defendants have access to due process of law and those who cannot afford an attorney are provided one.

  • Those taking the lives of their children illegally may request immunity in return for testimony against those trafficking abortions.

  • Mothers are protected from criminal liability by existing legal defenses of duress, necessity, mistake of fact, etc.

  • It will be legal, and expected, for local law enforcement to close all abortion clinics.

Ultimately, as a society, we and our institutions treat all humans and their lives as valuable and deserving of love, respect, and equal protection of the law.

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