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Here are links to other pages and organizations providing free educational materials

Colorado Life Initiative Video Library

Helps for Women

Helps for Men

Ectopic Pregnancy Podcast

Book: Ectopic Life: What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Ectopic Pregnancy

Avoid Complications During Pregnancy

Women's Testimonies who used chemical abortion:

White Paper on chemical abortion:

Information on Abortion Pills

Abortion Pill Reversal Effective & Safe

Doctor's Legal Testimony on Chemical Abortion:

Testimony of woman raped as a teenager and thankful for her baby:

Abortion survivor Pastor Jack Hibbs tells his story

Abortion and Mental Health:

Abortion is Not Healthcare

Effects on Siblings from Abortion.

Effects on Siblings from Abortion.

Does it matter who we are killing?

Doctor talks about "My Body, My Choice?"

Rates of abortion in Colorado

Understanding Ectopic Pregnancy:

What I Saw in the Abortion Industry:

What is an Abortion:

How Abortion Data is Collected:

Answering Top Ten Abortion Myths by Medical Doctors

Free Courses by CareNet to Help Women:

Discipleship Training | Making Life Disciples

A Man's Guide to Standing for Life

EF23A70.pdf (

Chemical Abortions: With and Without Medical Supervision | (

What Women Need to Know About Plan B One-Step (

10 Pro Life Arguments against Abortion - End Abortion Now

Pastor Confronts Colorado Lawmakers With Truth - YouTube

Video Library

Abortion Procedures

Abortion 911 – Safe & Legal?

Pamphlet on the Abortion Pill (color)


Pamphlet on Abortion Pill


How Your Church Can Come Alongside Women and Men Making a Decision about a Pregnancy:

Making Life Disciples

Fetal Development Wall Chart (Poster) | Answers in Genesis

""When we overlook sexual immorality but condemn unwed pregnancy we spread Satan’s lie: 'Fornication is fine, but babies are bad'...."

Brothers and Sisters, Unwed Pregnancy Is Not a Sin (

Start Course (2-hour training in how to help pregnant moms choose life)

Seven former abortionists reveal the moment they became pro-life (

Pro-Life Resources | Live Action

Top 10 Myths About Abortion (

Abortion Pros and Cons: 5 Pro-Life Arguments - Focus on the Family

Biblical Argument for Prolife Engagement (

Abortion’s Aftermath | Project Rachel -

Free Resources (

Physicians for Life

The Amazing Facts | Just The Facts

Learn - Students For Life of America

Live Action | Pro-Life Advocacy for Dignity and Human Rights

The Crucial Role of Men Standing for Life - Focus on the Family

Home (

Welcome to Summit! - Summit Ministries

Research Center - Educate. Unify. Mobilize. - Truth and Liberty Coalition

Pro-Life - Focus on the Family

Seize Your Moment Watch - Focus on the Family

Here I Stand: Making the Case for Life - YouTube

Dobbs Supreme Court Case

For Every Woman

Center for Bio-Ethical Reform | Organizations against Abortion | Say No to Abortion | Abortion Awareness ( / Abortion Unfiltered

About Adoption - Save the Storks | Empower women to choose life

Heritage House '76, Pro-Life Supplies for the Pro-Life Movement (

Abortion Recovery Her Choice to Heal Online Abortion Recovery Program

Resources | Transform Colorado

How to Start a Culture Impact Team in Your Church

Family Research Council/abortion (

What is a Pregnancy Resource Center?

Fact Sheet: Risks and Complications of Chemical Abortion - Charlotte Lozier Institute

Scorecard - SBA Pro-Life America (

Organizations Map Providing Assistance— Life Decisions

Books and DVDs – Free the States Store

Letter to the American Church | Eric Metaxas

AAPLOG Guidelines August 2022 

Products using fetal cell lines:

fetalproductsall.pdf (

www.EndAbortion.US, Priests for Life main website
-- Efforts to win elections for pro-life candidates. (
-- Healing after abortion ( and
-- Learning and living the spirituality of being pro-life (
-- Prayer Campaigns for Life (
-- Daily broadcasting and podcasting (www.EndAbortion.TV)
-- Multiple platforms on social media (
-- Civil Rights for the Unborn, started by Evangelist Alveda King - (
-- Youth Outreach - (
-- International Outreach - (

-- Online store at for books, t-shirts, and other pro-life products.

20 Songs About Abortion - Focus on the Family

Music by Dale Evans Rogers - ANGEL UNAWARE - YouTube

Promoting Life - Summit Ministries

Answers to Common Pro-Choice Arguments - Summit Ministries

Are You an Abolitionist Pamphlet – Free the States Store

Equal Protection Postcard — Foundation to Abolish Abortion (

fetal models:

Heritage House '76, Pro-Life Supplies for the Pro-Life Movement (

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