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Help Educate Colorado! These handouts are free to print and distribute widely!

Colorado Life Initiative 2024

Complete Text

Here is the complete text of the Colorado Life Initiative that will become law if voted by the people of Colorado in 2024: Initiative

Here is the Title summary of the initiative as it will appear on the 2024 ballot. 

En Espanol

Information Cards

Join Us in Protecting Innocent Children and Caring for their Mothers. Sign up and distribute these Information Cards to help others join. Click here to download.

En Espanol - Tiene Un Corazon

Involvement Sheet

Join Us in Protecting Innocent Children and Caring for their Mothers. Click here to share ways to make a difference.

How To Circulate a Petition

Each ballot section has space for forty (40) signatures with an affidavit on the last page where the Circulator signs in front of a Notary. Here is how to make sure the signatures in your petition packet count.

Cómo Distribuir Un Peticion?

QR Code to Register to Vote

Here is the QR Code to Register to Vote or check your Voter Registration in the state of Colorado. You must first be registered to vote before signing the petition and before voting. Most Coloradans are registered to vote when getting their state driver's license. 

Fetal Development

Did you know that a baby can feel pain within the first two months of pregnancy? 

Click here for a handout to share about the amazing development of Children from Day One!

Abortion Procedures

Did you know that many abortion procedures put a woman into labor? 

Click here for a handout to share about the many painful ways children are killed legally in Colorado.

What No One Told Us

Share the facts about how abortion harms women and the non-violent solutions available by clicking here.

Lo Que Nadie nos ha Dicho sobre el Aborto

What about Exceptions

Children fully human and fully alive deserve protection, and God instructs us to create fair and just laws, yet many justify taking the lives of some children. Click here to share with others why there are no exceptions to protecting children.

Scripture - What God says

God has a lot to say about protecting innocent preborn children through just (equal, fair) law.

Click here to share what God expects of each us concerning the idolatry of abortion and our law.  

Visual of the Initiative

Here is a Mind Map of the initiative here.

Why Incrementalists Should Join The Movement

Why is the time NOW to work hard to end abortion in our state? Click here to share with those within your area of influence why God is calling us "for such a time as this"! 

Women's Health & Abortion

Abortion is never medically necessary and does not save women's lives. Intentionally and directly killing a child does not treat or solve any pregnancy-related complication. 

Click Here for a free handout published by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops:

Women's Healt Infographic.pdf (

About the Proponents

The bios of the Proponents who gathered advice and information to put forward an initiative in the state, making it possible for the Body of Christ to rise up and take a stand "for the least of these," may be found here

 Return Form

Each Regional Team is responsible for typing information into this form and emailing to the Co-Proponents when hand-delivering petitions from the area. Please make sure to contact any missing petitions for return. Here is the form.

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