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Initiative Fact Sheet

What is it? 

The “Protection of Children” Initiative is a proposed law to protect all living children from intentional mutilation and death beginning at conception until adulthood.

​How does it do that?

This Life Initiative closes all facilities that intentionally mutilate and kill children and applies current statutes fairly and justly without discrimination. 

​What about women?

Mothers will be referred to non-violent and no-cost pregnancy care centers, modern adoption agencies, churches, and other resources where they can get the individualized help that they need. 

​Why do we need this?

More than two thousand children are tortured to death every month in Colorado. More than 90,000 more children are projected to die before the next presidential election cycle if we do nothing.

Haven’t there been other initiatives?

This initiative has never been on the ballot before. With enough signatures, this will be the first Life Initiative on the Colorado ballot since the overturn of Roe.

Can it pass?

If 20% more Coloradans vote for life, any initiative can pass.

You can help by encouraging people you know to vote for it.

What happens when it passes?

Abortion facilities across the state will close and hospitals will attempt to save lives. Mothers will no longer be deceived, coerced, or pressured into aborting their children because it will be illegal. Every child conceived will have the chance to be born and live their only life.

How many signatures are required to be placed on the ballot?

A minimum of 124,238 physical, hand written, signatures are needed from Colorado registered voters on the Official Paper Petitions. Signatures may be gathered from any areas of the state. 

Who can circulate a petition?

Any adult US citizen can circulate a petition.

Only registered Colorado voters may sign it.

When is the deadline for gathering signatures?

All petitions must be notarized and returned to the Co-Proponents. Every petition - regardless how full - must be notarized and returned to the Co-Proponents.

What percentage of the vote is needed to pass?

The initiative needs 50% plus 1 vote to pass into law. It does not need the legislature or the governor’s signature, only the vote of the people.

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