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What Can I Do?

What Can I Do to Make a Difference in 2022?

  1. Americans for Prosperity reached out to us regarding 4 key Senate races in the state that can flip prolife in 2022! They are looking for volunteers and some parttime staff in September and October leading to this November election! They especially need help in Adams and Jefferson Counties! If interested, please call Michael: 303-995-6462. Their website is:

  1. You are invited to our Debrief and Strategic Planning Meeting for 2024 on Tuesday, September 13th @ 6 - 8:30 PM. If you haven't already signed up, please contact us for the Zoom link. Phone Number (Faye): 970-768-6823. Our new email address is:

  1. Colorado Life Initiative Task Force continues to update the website with resources. There are links to videos, articles, sermons, and where women can go for help! Feel free to share this with other prolife people you know as we begin prep work for 2024!

We aren't all doing the same things, but we all have the same goal: to save the lives of women and children!

Just as each of us has one body with many members, and not all members have the same function, so in Christ we who are many are one body, and each member belongs to one another. (Romans 12:4)

​ As Christian citizens, we want to make a difference in our culture! We pray and carry out God's will on earth. As the body of Christ, we all truly care, but apart from each other, we can’t each do everything! It takes each of us – all of us - doing our part in what God has called us to do!

Each part of the body doesn't act like a mouth that is educating, or a toe that is balancing, or hand that is reaching. We need every part of the body! And every part of the body to function properly must be connected to the brain, the head, that is Christ, to direct us and guide us in faith.

Each individual and group has their unique gifting and calling. We are not all doing the same thing or approaching it from the same way, and that's how it should be! We are united in purpose but unique in our calling!

Our more than 500 volunteers are involved in many ways educating churches, working to elect prolife legislators, providing adoption services and foster care, empowering women with emotional and practical support, teaching parenting classes, providing childcare, sharing the grace of Jesus, … Our communities are filled with these heroes!

One of the many ways we can impact our culture is by passing fair laws to protect women and children. God's Word clearly calls us to speak out on behalf of the innocent and enact just (fair, equal) laws. Law deters women from harming themselves and their children. Then those involved in ministering to women through no-cost pregnancy care centers and churches can help women and children thrive!

We need all the parts of the body, all the members of the team, all the pieces of the puzzle ....  speaking and acting upon the truth in love! Whether on a large or individual scale, the only thing we cannot do is nothing. There is a holocaust targeting women, silencing men, and killing children! Women, men, families, churches, and communities are devastated in its wake. 


1. Share a :30 second or 3-minute video with your church, group, or organization [click here]

2. Request a Presentation for your church or group [click here]

3. Elect pro-life legislators and leaders into office and then keep them accountable through letters and phone calls and watch how they vote. Attend political and town hall meetings to keep the issue at the forefront of legislation. 

4. Meet with your Pastor, Priest, or Rabbi concerning their commitment to the Sanctity of Every Human Life and support for Equal Protection of Every Living Child [letter, sample sermon, statistics, Scriptures, and videos available on this website].

5. Share resources to help educate Coloradans through a Letter to the Editor in your local newspaper or social media

6. Pray and ask others to pray for the protection of innocent children in Colorado! And for those working to protect women and children in Colorado!

7. Share what you know with your friends!

8. Volunteer at your local Pregnancy Care Center to help women out of crisis to hope!

9. Pray God's protection over these children and these mothers and that God would supernaturally close these abortion death facilities!

10. Purchase billboards on highways and ads in newspapers showing cute babies with loving mothers and fathers, or living children in the womb, encouraging mothers and fathers to choose life for their children. 

11. Become trained through your local Pregnancy Care center or Care Net to become a safe person within your church and community for a man or woman going through overwhelming challenges while pregnant. 

12. Become trained to lead a Bible Study for women and men harmed by a past abortion to heal and apply the grace of Jesus to that deep and secret wound.

13. Pray as a church or group outside an abortion death facility. 

14. Become a sidewalk counselor.

15. Pray for our political, spiritual, and prolife leaders to do the right thing on behalf of innocent children.

16. Join (or start) a Team in your area to engage, educate, and mobilize your community.  

17. Sign up to become a Circulator to gather signatures in 2024!

18. Let us know if your business would like to be a petition signing location in 2024!

19. Let us know if your business would like to donate [coming soon!]

20. Here are some more prolife organizations at work in our state:


For Life, Liberty, and Justice for All!

Your Colorado Life Initiative