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Please help us over the finish line to get onto the ballot!

Final Petition Return April 10th

More Return Events and Locations!

Sign or Return an Official Paper Petition:

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This is the only life initiative in the state of Colorado in 2024. This initiative requires in-person signatures (not online) to get on the ballot this November.

Everything You Need to Know About the Initiative in 15-Minute Radio Interview

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Got a Heart?


** This is an official paper petition that will get this issue onto the 2024 ballot and requires your handwritten signature to be valid (not online).

MARCH For Life

Take a step to save children's lives

every day in March!

Pick Up a Petition Today!

Take a step every day!

It's as easy as walking!

One - Two!  

One - Collect one (1) signature every day during the month of March!

Two - Ask two (2) people if they would circulate a petition, too!

Save the lives of thousands of children before the next election cycle, please pick up a petition at a distribution center near you.

Deadline to return Petitions is March 31st!

When abortion becomes illegal, it also becomes unthinkable!

Please join efforts across Colorado to pray, educate, and mobilize For Life! We are in the process of collecting signatures to get the first Life Initiative onto the Colorado ballot since the overturn of Roe!

Woman Shares Her Testimony and Importance of the Initiative

Pastor Announces Initiative (1:46)

Introduction of the Life Initiative by a Co-Proponent (4 minutes)

After two years of prayer and consultation with attorneys, medical doctors, political strategists, theologians, and others, Initiative #81 will protect all living children from mutilation and intentional death beginning at conception until adulthood. 

We are a grassroots movement praying, educating, and mobilizing to vote For Life! We're gathering signatures to get this important issue onto the ballot for "We The People" to vote on rather than leaving it to the politicians! We have until MARCH 31, 2024 to gather signatures!

We are proactively working to change the law in Colorado to protect children from mutilation and intentional death beginning at conception until adulthood.

Every US citizen has the Constitutional right to petition the government and to exercise free speech, which includes gathering signatures and inviting others to circulate a petition wherever you are! 

Christian leaders are encouraged to announce and educate support for protecting children!

Full text of the initiative: Full Text

Video introduction of the initiative:

video introduction

We know children have a heart, the question is, do we?

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