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Got a Heart?

We know children have a heart; the question is, do we? More than one thousand children are intentionally and needlessly killed every month in Colorado. Children with faces and futures who only want a chance to live. Their mothers live with the grief, guilt, and anger where the enemy of their soul has been given a foothold into their lives through child sacrifice. It's not enough to talk about it. It's not enough to call ourselves prolife. Or say we'll solve the problem someday. It's not enough to educate people without also calling people to action. It's not enough to say we take God's Word seriously if we do not apply it and put it into action. We cannot put off the good we know to do today. We cannot leave to others what God has called each of us to do. Each of us will give an account of what we did, and did not do, for the "least of these". (Matt 25)

Every mother and child deserve protection from violence. We cannot leave any child or mother behind. If we have the faith to pray to end abortion, we have the faith to work to end abortion. Our highest authority of God's Word and the highest law of the land, the United States Constitution, acknowledge the right to life and liberty for all of us equally. Since our courts show partiality and injustice, We The People have the responsibility to take a stand - in practice and in law - for the rights of these children who will lose their lives if we do nothing. We must speak up for those who have no voice so that all children may live their one and only life to the fullest extent possible, even as we do. We must protect the hearts of these innocent children and young mothers. 

We need to stop quoting and worrying about what pro-death people will say, and start caring more about, and quoting, what God says. We don't have to change the minds of those who support killing children; we need only to reach our own congregations. This holocaust will end when God's people get serious about God's Word to end it. God cares about all of us equally, and we need to care for all people equally, because no one is more valuable or more entitled to live and enjoy liberty than anyone else. And no innocent person deserves to be put to death, regardless how small their hands and feet and face and heartbeat. We are expected by God to rescue those being led away to slaughter. We should expect no less of ourselves.

We are on a mission to protect innocent, precious children with a just (fair, equal) law that protects all children from violence and gets their mothers the real helps that they need. We are asking every pastor and congregation to stand up on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves and love them like Jesus loves. We invite you to join us as we pray, educate, engage, and mobilize churchgoers to vote and vote for life! 

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