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Got a Heart?

We know children have a heart, the question is, do we? There is a holocaust in the state of Colorado targeting women, silencing men, and killing children. This is a moral and spiritual crisis. 

We are a grassroots movement within the body of Christ praying and educating churchgoers. We are asking God's people to develop groups within church congregations to mobilize in prayer, signing hard-copy petitions, registering and encouraging each other to vote for life! 

This will be the first Life initiative on the Colorado ballot since the overturn of Roe. The initiative will educate every Colorado voter on the value of every human life through the ballot. It applies protections from the United States Constitution to every child without discrimination. It is a just and fair law that God can bless because it aligns with the law of God, "thou shalt not kill." Everyone is expected to obey the law and everyone will be protected by the law.

God's people are encouraged to get involved by recruiting a group in your church to pray and educate fellow churchgoers. If 20% more churchgoers register and vote for life, it will pass. This website is here to help, providing free videos and handouts to play and pass out at church to help educate. The prayer guide unifies us in prayer. Links to other organizations, Scriptures, and sermons help Pastors and teachers lead congregations in the Biblical knowledge of the sanctity of every human life and God's demand for just law, "... teaching them whatsoever I have commanded...." 

While this is Pastor led, not politically led, we welcome anyone who wants to help end the holocaust in our state. Because every child deserves a birthday, let's protect "the least of these" among us, the most vulnerable and innocent, and refer mothers to non-violent resources instead of taking the lives of their children! Let's show children that we've "got a heart", too!

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