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Got a Heart?

Every child is needed in the world. Children are the surprises and gifts God knows we need before we do. Children bring laughter, innocence, purpose, belonging, maturity, love, legacy, comfort, care, and tenderness into our lives. Children give us a reason to be the best version of ourselves. Children fill families and communities with playfulness and life, while challenging those unwilling to commit in loving relationships to grow up and mature into loving adults capable of caring for others. Children depend on us for unconditional love, protection, nurture, care, comfort, and inclusion into our lives, families, and communities as we appreciate the uniqueness and gift they are to us. Children are not property but rather entrusted to us for a very short time to help mold the adults they will become. How we treat children also molds the adults we become.  With every child, a mother's heart grows larger. And our ability to love increases. Love is the highest achievement of what it means to be human and mature.

We know children have a heart; the question is, do we? One thousand children are intentionally and needlessly killed every day in Colorado. It's not enough to talk about it. It's not enough to call ourselves prolife. Or say we'll solve the problem someday. It's not enough to educate people without also calling people to action. It's not enough to say we take God's Word seriously if we do not apply it and put it into action. We cannot put off the good we know to do today. We cannot leave to others what God has called each of us to do. Each of us will give an account of what we did, and did not do, for the "least of these". (Matt 25)

Every mother and child deserve protection from violence. We cannot leave any child or mother behind. If we have the faith to pray to end abortion, we have the faith to work to end abortion. Our highest authority of God's Word and the highest law of the land, the United States Constitution, acknowledge the right to life and liberty for all of us equally. Since our courts show partiality and injustice, We The People have the responsibility to take a stand - in practice and in law - for the rights of these children who will lose their lives if we do nothing. We must speak up for those who have no voice so that all children may live their one and only life to the fullest extent possible, even as we do. We must protect the hearts of these innocent children and young mothers from the devastating act of killing their own children. 

We need to stop quoting and worrying about what pro-death people will say, and start caring more about, and quoting, what God says. We don't have to change the minds of those who support killing children; we need only to reach our own congregations. This holocaust will end when God's people get serious about God's Word to end it. It's not enough to help a few women and children here and there - all women and children are worth protecting! God cares about all of us equally, and we need to care for all people equally, and without partiality, because no one is more valuable or more entitled to live and enjoy liberty than anyone else. And no innocent person deserves to be put to death, regardless how small their hands and feet and face and heartbeat. We are expected by God to rescue those being led away to slaughter. We should expect no less of ourselves.


Our Task Force is in the process of forming local teams - by Region, County, City, and Church to pray, educate, engage the culture, and mobilize! 

Please help by filling out our Contact form so we can get to know you, the passion God has placed on your heart, and involve you in the movement!

We continue to update this website with resources! There are links to videos, articles, sermons, and where women can go for help! Please share:

As Sanctity of Human Life Sunday approaches in January, please share with your pastor the videos, handouts, and information from this website that you find most helpful. Please pray for, and meet with, your pastor about the realties and need to speak the truth in love about the sin of abortion and need for the grace of Jesus.

We are available to meet with you and your pastor and speak to small groups across the state.

Here are some other ways you can get involved in the state:

HAPPENING IN PUEBLO: Stop Dr. Carharts Abortion Clinic in Pueblo, Colorado (

  1. Learn "first aid" for helping a woman overwhelmed by pregnancy! This 2-hour video will help women in your church and community be able to help a woman onto the path to life! 

  2. ​Keep pro-life legislators and leaders accountable through letters and phone calls and watch how they vote. Attend political and town hall meetings to keep the issue at the forefront of legislation. 

  3. ​Meet with your Pastor, Priest, or Rabbi concerning their commitment to the Sanctity of Every Human Life and support for Equal Protection of Every Living Child [letter, sample sermon, statistics, Scriptures, and videos available on this website].

  4. ​Share resources to help educate Coloradans through a Letter to the Editor in your local newspaper or social media

  5. Pray and ask others to pray for the protection of innocent children in Colorado! And for those working to protect women and children in Colorado!​

  6. Share what you know with your friends!

  7. ​​Volunteer at your local Pregnancy Care Center to help women out of crisis to hope!

  8. ​Pray God's protection over these children and these mothers and that God would supernaturally close these abortion death facilities!

  9. ​Purchase billboards on highways and ads in newspapers showing cute babies with loving mothers and fathers, or living children in the womb, encouraging mothers and fathers to choose life for their children. 

  10. ​Pay for a pregnancy center in your area to get the word out about their services!

  11. Become trained through your local Pregnancy Care center or Care Net to become a safe person within your church and community for a man or woman going through overwhelming challenges while pregnant. ​

  12.  Become trained to lead a Bible Study for women and men harmed by a past abortion to heal and apply the grace of Jesus to that deep and often secret wound.

  13. ​Pray as a church or group outside an abortion death facility. 

  14. ​Become a sidewalk counselor.

  15. ​Pray for our political, spiritual, and prolife leaders to do the right thing on behalf of innocent children.

  16. Join (or start) a Team in your area to engage, educate, and mobilize your community.  

  17. Sign up to become a Circulator to gather signatures in 2024!

  18. Let us know if your business would like to be a petition signing location in 2024!

  19. Let us know if your business would like to donate to efforts in your area [we do not want your money!]

  20. Here are some more prolife organizations at work in our state:


Please let us know of any opportunities to collaborate, or ideas you may have, to help protect innocent children from death and save their mothers from the harms of losing their children. Everyone matters. You matter. Thank you for your prayers and fellowship!