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History of the Initiative



- Proponents are asked to put forward a statewide initiative to follow up Prop 115

- Proponents begin praying together weekly specifically about a statewide initiative 


- Nine months into prayer, words of the initiative are born

- Proponents reach out to all prolife leaders in the state for input

- Proponents go through the Legislative Council and Title Board process and title is set for a statewide initiative

- The top abortionist lobby appeals title

- Once the appeal is settled, Proponents have three months out of the allocated six months to collect signatures

- At the end of three months, momentum is still growing and Proponents are encouraged that with a full six months they could make the ballot

- One of Proponents "retires" from directing a pregnancy center to volunteer for the efforts full-time and enlists three personal prayer partners

- A statewide Task Force begins praying and meeting monthly


- Proponents meet with a US Supreme Court Attorney, Colorado attorneys, medical doctors, women's advocates, political strategists, theologians, and many others from various walks of life to finalize the wording of the initiative

- Task Force members begin recruiting Regional Teams and reaching out to churches

- Proponents reach out to National and State Christian organizations for collaborative efforts

- Kick-off "United For Life" event unveils the initiative in Colorado Springs July 15th with national speakers Rusty Thomas, Mario Murillo, worship with Crystal Yearous and Living Waters of God, testimony by Kelli & Rose, endorsement by Representative Scott Bottoms, and presenting the initiative, the Co-Proponents. Collaborating ministries table at the event. 

- The monthly Prayer Call begins

- Proponents meet with attorneys, Legislative Council attorneys, and members of the Title Board representing the Attorney General, Secretary of State, and Legislative Council between March and October

- The Prayer Call becomes a weekly prayer call every Tuesday at 12 noon

- Three separate organizations begin praying for the initiative at 7 am, 11 am, and 3 pm daily

- Task Force members and Regional Teams plan, advertise, and coordinate events for volunteers and churches to pray, educate, and mobilize

- In October, title is set for how the initiative will appear on the 2024 ballot

- Petitions are approved to print for distribution in November

- Distribution events are scheduled and attended across the state


- More than eleven hundred volunteers collect tens of thousands of signatures but the number of signatures required by the Secretary of State is not met.

- The state Task Force expands its infrastructure and focuses on defeating the abortion amendment to the state Constitution during the 2024 election

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