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How Can I Help?


Petitions are here! This is an official paper ballot that requires your physical signature to be valid (not online). Making a difference is as easy as 1-2-3!  

1) PRAY! This is the Super bowl of spiritual battles! Pray repentance over our state! Ask prayer groups, prayer chains, and your church to pray to end this holocaust in our state! You are also invited to our Prayer Call every Tuesday at noon. Please pray for these efforts, our statewide Task Force and Regional Teams and their families every day or as often as the Lord brings us to your mind.

2) Contact Us to CIRCULATE one official paper ballot petition of 40 signatures from people you know. Start with your church, friends, family, neighbors, groups, and events. And then ask those signing if they will also circulate one petition of 40 signatures (everyone knows 40 people). This is something every churchgoer can do! If you're a pastor or priest who stands for life, consider making an announcement and recruiting volunteers to gather signatures after services. This helps us get this initiative directly onto the ballot for a vote by the people. (Sign up here.)

3) Vote Life!

Inspire others! Tell Us Your Story! Why do you stand for life? Send us a link to a brief video of your story that could inspire others to stand for life, too! 

Please use any of the materials free of charge from this website to educate others.

What Else Can I Do?

1. The videos, articles, and handouts you can share in your church and with others; feel free to share the ones most meaningful to you in a small or large group setting.

2. Here are some of the free courses, you can take and share with others.

3. Sign up for updates so you can stay informed as we put forward a statewide Equal Protection initiative to save the lives of children and protect their mothers from exploitation.

4. You can start a Life Impact Group in Your congregation or parish to increase churchgoer vote and awareness - register churchgoers to vote and encourage them to vote for life! 

5. Please encourage your pastor to preach on the importance of protecting life through just laws - there are many sermons, Scriptures, and educational resources on this website for reference.

6. Thank you for praying, educating, engaging, and mobilizing your church and community for life! Choose a couple ways you can get started today!

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