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More Ways to Help

  1. You can learn "first aid" for helping a woman overwhelmed by pregnancy! This 2-hour video will help women in your church and community be able to help a woman onto the path to life! 

  2. ​You may keep pro-life legislators and leaders accountable through letters and phone calls and watch how they vote. Attend political and town hall meetings to keep the issue at the forefront of legislation. Pray for your legislators. 

  3. ​Perhaps meet with your Pastor or Priest concerning their commitment to the Sanctity of Every Human Life and support for Equal Protection of Every Living Child [letter, sample sermon, statistics, Scriptures, and videos available on this website].

  4. ​Maybe write a Letter to the Editor in your local newspaper or social media.

  5. Pray and ask others to pray for the protection of innocent children in Colorado! And for those working to protect women and children in Colorado!​

  6. Try sharing what you know with your friends!

  7. ​​Volunteer at your local Pregnancy Care Center to help women out of crisis to hope!

  8. ​Pray God's protection over these children and these mothers and that God would supernaturally close these abortion death facilities!

  9. ​You can make a big impact by collecting from friends or a group to purchase a billboard on a highway or place an ad in a newspaper showing cute babies with loving mothers and fathers, living children in the womb, and encouraging mothers and fathers to choose life for their children. 

  10. ​Pay for a pregnancy center in your area to get the word out about their services!

  11. You can become trained through your local Pregnancy Care center or Care Net to become a safe person within your church and community for a man or woman going through overwhelming challenges while pregnant. ​

  12.  You can become trained to lead a Bible Study for women and men harmed by a past abortion to heal and apply the grace of Jesus to that deep and often secret wound.

  13. You can pray as a church or group on a public sidewalk outside an abortion death facility. 

  14. You can train to become a sidewalk counselor.

  15. ​Pray for our political, spiritual, and prolife leaders to do the right thing on behalf of innocent children.

  16. ​Join (or start) a Team in your area to engage, educate, and mobilize your community.  

  17. ​We hope you will sign up to become a Circulator to gather signatures in 2024 through this website!

  18. ​Let us know if your business would like to be a petition signing location in 2024!

  19. ​Let us know if your business would like to donate to efforts in your area.

  20. Here are some more prolife organizations at work in our state:

  • Live Action Ambassador - Live Action Ambassadors will get exclusive training, content, resources, and calls to action in this fight to defend preborn children and make abortion unthinkable. Get trained with the tools and resources you need online to become a fully equipped pro-life activist in your community.

  • Option Line - They offer a confidential live chat, text line, and toll-free hotline that is available 24/7. The website contains additional resources for women who are considering abortion, have had an abortion, or are seeking alternatives to abortion.

  • 40 Days for Life - They conduct prayerful vigils outside abortion facilities throughout the country. They have saved hundreds of preborn children, families, and former abortion employees from the abortion industry.40 Days for Life
    SIDEWALK OUTREACH: The Most Important Conversation in the World
    Cost: $29 ($5 if outside the United States)
    Eligibility: Pro-lifers at least 18 years old

  • Your local pregnancy resource center (PRC) - Many PRCs rely on volunteers to continue their daily operations: answering the phone, scheduling appointments, counseling parents considering abortion, etc.

  • Support After Abortion - They offer training to support and serve anyone suffering after abortion.

  • Rachel’s Vineyard - They offer confidential, weekend programs and other services across the United States and Canada, with additional sites around the world, for anyone affected by abortion.

  • LoveLine - This resource exists to specifically serve those mothers and families that feel they have exhausted their local resources and still need help. You can support local families either as a resource and service provider for families or as a volunteer to connect them with the support that exists. 

  • For Individuals to learn how to help women in your community or congregation:

  • For Church Congregations to disciple women:


Please let us know of any opportunities to collaborate, or ideas you may have, to help protect innocent children from death and save their mothers from the harms of losing their children. Everyone matters. You matter. Thank you for your prayers and fellowship in these efforts to protect "the least of these" and love as Jesus loves.

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