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State Petitioner Tips


1. Read the official ballot title before you start.

Stand 6’ outside the EXIT door of BUSY big store (Walmart, etc.) next to a pedestrian bottleneck.

Do NOT ask consent. Do NOT block, argue, or touch anyone.

Wear regular attire, comfortable shoes; no message T-shirts, signs, or buttons. Look normal, middle class.

Ask only exiters who may be registered; ignore drunks, teenagers, homeless, and the scruffy or spaced out. Ask ALL exiters; don’t skip 5 to get one. Stand near exiting customers.


2. Use TWO 14” clipboards so two can sign at same time.

Open to next signature line, put top pages under clip.

Say clearly “HELP PROTECT COLORADO CHILDREN” as they exit door way.

Offer a black ink pen; have 5 medium point ones (get them back).

Before signing, they must say “YES” (not maybe) to your question, “Are you a registered Colorado voter?” If they don’t know, they don’t sign.

Check entry before they leave. All spaces filled? County (first 4 letters)? Legible? Dark ink? Request: “Print month/day/year; use name and address where registered, even if you moved later.” No P. O. box. They can cross out errors and put their initials.

Only adults may carry; no sharing. A robotic routine is politely efficient.


3. No small talk. Your aim is to find registered voters. SHOW flier (see website) and ask “Please sign a petition for equal protection of children.”

If they hesitate, ask politely, ONCE, if they will “help me put this issue on the ballot. You don’t have to vote for it.” Expect 80% rejection. If jerks want to argue, ignore them. Keep ground clear.

IF someone will help, or has questions, offer a flier (don’t run out).

Ask signers to step aside from the exit to avoid blocking others. As they sign, KEEP ASKING all people exiting. A line to sign attracts signers. You should get 15+ entries hourly.

Help others volunteer; they are not rivals. We need 200,000 signers, 1,000 workers, so 4+ hours daily is best.


4. The supreme court “Westminster Mall” case let us stand at shopping centers. Don’t argue, block people, or seek money. Be peaceful.

You will get bored; think what a good cause this is and how you’re helping people.

If asked who backs Equal Protection of Children: “We are CO grass roots citizens.”


5. DON’T contact managers. If (s)he tells you store policy bans petitioners, mention the case in #4. If they insist, reply you have a right to be on public access property. If they will call police, politely decline to leave. If police actually roll up, walk away quietly w/o contact. If a good spot, return on a later day; the manager may be different, or may not see you return.


6. Fill petitions to their last line. At turn-ins, read & complete affidavit CAREFULLY with a notary. Bring CO photo ID.

Think of others to recruit. Take to your church group or social club; announce registered CO voters should sign. Review them.

If you are without F/T work, set a basic goal of 300 entries per week (=about 20 hours). Stick with it week after week.

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