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Why Abortion is a Man's Issue

Updated: Jul 1

Protecting mothers and children has always been a man's issue! Getting men out-of-the-way is the only way the enemy could successfully attack women and children!

In a holocaust that silences men, targets women, and kills children, this is not a political issue like which candidate to vote into office or how much taxes to raise! This a life and death spiritual and moral issue where lives are at stake!

Men, these are your children. This is your future. We need you to stand in the gap between your woman and the abortionist to protect her so that she will not be exploited and violated for money and your child sacrificed on the altar of your complacency.

For the women in your community, your church, and our nation as a whole, we need you! We need your masculine, commanding voice to speak up for what is right and just and true. Women need you to be the gentle giants in our lives that bring stability and prosperity into the home.

It's time we stop lying to ourselves that we don't need men, or that men should be like women. As a man, you are as much an image bearer of the Almighty as women are, and your rightful place in society is not to be like women, but to be the men God intentionally created you to be in every cell of your body!

Men, we know women can be as intimidating to you emotionally and verbally as you can be to us physically, and we need to stop running over and into your God-given responsibilities and respect the difficult and courageous place God has placed you to be as a warrior for us.

Please, be our hero. Be our example. Go first in doing what is right. And when you do, we'll celebrate your godly example. You may not do everything like we would, and we wouldn't want you to. We want you to be masculine, so we can be free to be feminine, and our children can be protected to be children.

Men, we need your strength, your steadfastness, and your character to model for the next generation how much our heavenly Father loves and takes care of us!


When you lovingly provide for, protect, guide, and discipline your children in the way they should go (not in the way they are bent to go in sinful selfishness, but in the way they should go in faith, love and godly character), you are shaping the future and bringing hope to the world!


Did you know? If any man is supportive of a mother being pregnant, she is much more likely to carry her baby to birth?! Pastor, deacon, teacher, uncle, or cousin, if a pregnant mother knows at least one man in her life who wants her to continue her pregnancy and will be there for her, she will most likely carry her baby to birth!


Men, this is a man's issue! Your voice for your children and the "least of these" among us is much needed in our society!

The righteous man walks with integrity;

blessed are his children after him.

(Proverbs 20:7) 


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