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Enforcing the Protection of Children

Updated: Jan 6

The initiative provides a broad spectrum of enforcement. (18-6-903 Subsection 2) All it takes is a county commissioner, city council, or local law enforcement to close a facility. It also applies current statutes of the law.

For instance, in the situation in Pueblo where the City Council was considering denying a permit to the late term abortion clinic coming into a local neighborhood there, but the state threatened to sue them, this new law would override RHEA (current abortion law), so the city council would be able to legally deny that permit to the abortion clinic. 


Once this measure passes into law, it will be illegal to intentionally mutilate or take the life of a child beginning at conception. It will be legally possible to close facilities that intentionally mutilate and cause the deaths of children and keep them out of our communities.

Faye Barnhart is a Co-Proponent of the Colorado Life Initiative. A mother and wife, Faye has been a follower of Jesus Christ since a small child and has served four pregnancy care centers in two states, including CEO of the largest pregnancy center geographically in the United States and Colorado. She has also served as an aid at the Colorado state Capitol and raised her children as a single parent. She is a Life Affirming Specialist and Women's Advocate with more than twenty-six years in ministry.

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