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Freedom and Justice for All

As citizens of a Constitutional Republic, we have both the opportunity and responsibility to determine the laws which govern our society. So far, they have matched pretty closely with God’s moral law. It is still illegal to shoot people or bear false witness (lie) against someone in court, and illegal to rob someone. And historically, we’ve had governors and Presidents who took their vow to uphold our laws seriously. The possibility of a consequence for breaking a law deters most people from breaking the law.

There are many layers to law and enforcement, but it starts with us. It starts with protecting the weak, powerless, and innocent from the ruthless, greedy, and powerful. That’s what a Constitutional form of government does. Put simply, when you have five foxes and two hens in the farmyard, the Constitution protects the two hens from being dinner to the foxes, which they would be in a democracy. Our Constitution protects us from mob rule. It protects us from democratically electing a dictator. Our leaders are not rulers but are rather our employees.

Our Constitution also protects our “Posterity”, meaning those who come after us, our children and those yet to be born. We were the Posterity of those who signed our Constitution when they acknowledged our innate value and equal protection of life and liberty. It’s just the enforcement that seems to be a problem. Especially in Colorado where we ignore that every human being is valued and worth protecting.

This initiative applies the US Constitution to our state, protecting the most innocent among us, preventing the innocent bloodshed that offends our God who created these children in His image and gave us our government which is by and for the people. As believers, it is our responsibility to model and enact the laws and behaviors we know from a Holy God, and the wisdom God gives us when we begin to fear Him and take His Word seriously. We are morally and spiritually responsible to protect innocent children and their mothers from the brutal idolatry of abortion.


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