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Stop Satanic Oppression in Colorado!

Updated: Feb 8

By Christine Curl - Printed with Permission

The truth is now coming out of the darkness and into the light:

ABORTION is a satanic sacrifice. The converted satanist and high wizard, Zachary King, has written a book with this exact title. In it he explains that each Planned Parenthood abortion mill has a satanist on staff!!!!

In Colorado, we have 2 petitions before us - One for LIFE and one for DEATH

* the one for DEATH wants to make the direct & intentional killing of a pre-born child a RIGHT

* the initiative for LIFE wants to protect EVERY living child in Colorado from intentional mutilation and death beginning at conception until adulthood - No exceptions, as God didn't make exceptions to the 6th commandment - THOU SHALL NOT KILL

The stats show the lifelong damage women who have aborted their babies endure - even those raped, abused, and trafficked - I've heard their testimonies!!!!

As Christians, we have the DUTY to be good citizens, making sure we elect Godly men & women, who will enact just & fair laws according to God's standards. Everyone of us must do something, otherwise we are Complicit (helping to commit a crime) with EVIL!


PRAY - for conversion of hearts, for an end to the holocaust of the intentional killing of pre-born children, for how you can help women in unplanned pregnancies and those in need of healing from a past abortion.


*Sign the Pro-life petition

* Carry a petition and gather signatures

*Volunteer at signature gathering events

*Ask others to carry petitions to gather signatures, too!

DONATE - $24 to sponsoring the pro-life petition - it's grassroots, no political affiliation or funding - THE REAL DEAL!

May God bless & multiply your efforts, and may our good God bring about an end to this evil we have allowed.

*Christine Curl is a devout Catholic who has been involved in prolife work for 38 years. As a young woman, she experienced an unplanned pregnancy. The daughter Christine chose not to abort turned out to be the only child Christine would ever have and has blessed Christine with three beautiful grandchildren. Christine speaks about her experience to encourage other mothers not to abort their children and to encourage brothers and sisters in the Catholic faith to support the "Protections of Children" initiative to end the holocaust in Colorado.


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