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Top 10 Excuses Not to Support this Initiative?

Updated: Apr 13

(And why we think you will!)

The excuses to keep prolife people from helping a prolife initiative onto the ballot have been quite creative. Here are the top ten excuses we've heard (and our answers to them)!

10) Too many loopholes? It’s not enforceable?

This is the strangest excuse we’ve heard. This initiative has the input of several attorneys and was scrutinized by the offices of the Attorney General, Secretary of State, Legislative Council, and their advising attorneys trying to find loopholes, so to say we should continue with every abortion imaginable and the mutilation of children because we’re afraid there may be a loophole somewhere is probably the poorest excuse we’ve heard to-date. This initiative gives local municipalities the ability to revoke licenses and keep abortion clinics out of your neighborhood.

9) We’re not ‘political’?

Well, by saying that, you actually are. Of course, an issue is not the same as supporting a candidate or political party, which may be considered political. But by not taking a stance, you’re standing for the status quo, which allows a holocaust of torturing children all nine months of pregnancy. “Not to act is to act. Not to speak is to speak.” You’re leading your people either to act on their beliefs in every area of their lives – including as US citizens who elect people to represent them and vote on ballot initiatives – or you’re training them to let others do it for them who may not have the same morals and values God blesses in government.

8) We don’t want to lose our 501c3?

The issue of protecting children is not about promoting a candidate or particular political party; it's an issue related to your mission. Life is basic to everyone’s mission – if you kill the people you’re trying to serve, you don’t have a mission! Not to give legal advice, but non-profits can typically spend up to 9% of a total budget and personnel supporting issues important to them. More than that, a church can (and should) preach on anything the Bible speaks about. Scripture has a lot to say about ending child sacrifice, shedding innocent blood, God’s judgment on nations that have unjust laws (like allowing some people to be killed simply because they are small or young), and taking down the high places of idolatry (which every abortion puts something as more important than the law of God that says, “Thou shalt not kill.”)

7) We don’t like ‘criminalization’?

How do you make abortion illegal if you don’t criminalize abortion? This is either someone who doesn’t understand how laws work or they don’t want to end abortion. This initiative stops the mutilation and deaths of children and applies statutes fairly to protect all children without discrimination for the child’s age beginning at conception. It closes abortion clinics and stops the abortion pill. While the measure wouldn’t affect any actions previous to the law going into effect, it would be the law moving forward to protect these tiny preborn infants and their mothers from the horrors of this holocaust we’ve allowed far too long.

6) It’s not “prudent” (wise)?

Abortion isn’t a prudential issue. [1] Abortion is inherently evil and therefore everything must be done to stop it. Whether we think it ‘wise’, God has commanded us to “rescue those being led to slaughter”. It is always wise to obey God. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, while the fear of man is a trap. (Psalm 111:10, Proverbs 29:25)

5) Life initiatives haven’t passed in the past?

We don’t live in the past. Roe wasn’t overturned in the past, either, until it was! Some initiatives pass while others don’t. If it’s an initiative you want to pass, then do something about it to help it pass!

 4) I’ll help ‘next time’ around?

We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, let alone another election cycle! Perhaps you are here for ‘such a time as this’ to help this time! Today is the day of salvation. These children need rescuing today! Children will die before the next election cycle unless we do something to stop it! This is the only initiative currently before voters that will stop the intentional deaths and mutilation of children.

3) There needs to be exceptions?

There need to be exceptions to when we can mutilate and torture children to death? There is no need for exceptions because no one is going to stop trying to save a mother’s life. We’re just asking that they also not intentionally kill a child. C-Section, early delivery, and transplanting a child in an ectopic pregnancy are all ways to not intentionally take the life of a child, giving them every opportunity to live! [2]

2) I don’t like how that person talked to me about it?

So, because you don’t like how an individual presented this to you, you are choosing to let two thousand children continue to be mutilated, poisoned, scalded, and stabbed to death every month in Colorado? Don’t let that person you don't like control your actions. That person is not the one who will be standing before Christ when you give an account of how you did or did not treat ‘the least of these’. (Matthew 25) Forgive them and move on to what Christ is calling you to do!

1) Someone in authority told me not to?

So, if someone in authority tells you to do anything that's wrong, please obey God rather than man. (Acts 5:29) Don't give away your free will. The only one we need to worry about sinning against is God. (Matthew 10:28) If anyone claims to have a message from God that does not align with the sound doctrine of Scripture, you know Scripture is infallible. You have Scripture in front of you and the initiative in front of you that you can read for yourself and ask God for wisdom and discernment of what God wants you to do. (James 1:5) Don’t let someone else cause you to be a stumbling block to others! (Matthew 18:7)


Notice the excuses we’re not hearing?

No one is disagreeing with the theology of saving these children’s lives. No one is saying this isn’t a good law. No one is saying it disagrees with Scripture. No one is saying this isn’t a great prolife measure. In fact, several attorneys have said this is one of the best prolife laws they’ve seen in the country! Praise God!

So why not support it? And not just support it, but give your best effort to help this initiative get on the ballot and pass? Why not give the excuses back to where they came from, and start speaking the truth, instead?

"Rescue those being led away to death,

and restrain those stumbling toward the slaughter.

If you say, “Behold, we did not know about this,”

does not He who weighs hearts consider it?

Does not the One who guards your life know?

Will He not repay a man according to his deeds?"

(Proverbs 24:11-12)

[1] Abortion is Not a Prudential Issue (discussed within the context of immigration):

Abortion and Preeminence:

[2] Ectopic Life, Bill Fortenberry, 2023.

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