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What About the Children?

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

What about the 48,000 more children who will lose their lives between presidential election cycles? What about their dreams and their hopes and their desire to be alive? Why are they excluded from humanity to love their mothers and feel the love of others? Why must they be tortured to death instead of welcomed into our world with loving arms?

And what about their mothers who miss their children and regret their decision for the rest of their lives? And what about the fathers who could not protect the women and children in their lives, no matter how desperately they tried? And what about the churches who are emptied of people with whom God would have blessed them? And what about our communities - the doctors, teachers, and ministers we are missing, and grandchildren after them?

Why are these children being sacrificed for political careers? And reputations? And money? What about the children who would bring laughter into our lives? And innocence and wonder? And precious smiles? Their little fingers and pudgy toes and wide-open eyes that see the world so fantastically? What about the children who God is sending as a consolation to the woman who would otherwise be abused, rejected, and alone for the rest of her life?

What about the children? What about the mothers bereft of them? What about our God who says He fashioned them before they were even born, and the microscopic fireworks of light that announced His handy work, His masterpiece, as every cell of their sweet little body shares the signature of His image and the right of their passage?

What about the children whose bodies are painfully pulled apart, their life blood that flows through their veins that is shed and stains our land by their sacrifice? What about the children poisoned and stabbed and left to die of the cold, heaving and trying to breathe if they were only old enough? What about the children whose hearts are so open to love but are dissected and sold?

What about our hearts? Are we so cold and indifferent, metallic and robotic, we do not know how to love anymore? Are we so desensitized and dehumanized we have no room for our own? What about the children who would fill our arms with warmth, our minds with hope, our hearts with love? What about the children who are forever lost to us? Who will never learn to speak or walk or ride a bike? Who will never celebrate a birthday or a first love? What about the children who will never be a spouse or mother or feel anything on this earth except rejection and excruciating pain and death before they even had a chance to live their only life?

What about the children who are no more than property to us? What about us that we should think ourselves gods to choose who lives and dies? What about the children who would only bring joy into our lives? Whose little blonde curls and little dark eyes would help us see the world differently, ourselves differently. Who would give us purpose and have themselves, purpose, lost? What about the children who, for the absence of them, we depress and drown ourselves to no longer feel pain, love, anything of human emotion?

What about the children God knew we needed in this world but we rejected? What about the children who only wanted to feel loved, wanted, accepted, unjudged for who they are? What about the children, outside our own selfishness who would have led the way to expanding and growing our own hearts to love? What about the children we will never teach to tie a shoe or catch a frog or skip a rock? What about the children we will never know, and never cared to know, because we didn’t know who we would be missing?

What about the children that while we are posturing ourselves politically and talking about money and everyone’s rights, except theirs, are needlessly, helplessly dying with no way to legally protect them? What about the children who would help save the world if we would let them? What about the children who while we are playing games with semantics and talking in meetings and marching in cities are crying for us to save them? To change the law to legally save them?

What about the children who while we are so clever with ourselves, self-important, and self-absorbed are crying for our help? What about our children who are a part of us, and with every crushing of their bodies and brain, also crushes their soul, and ours? And where is our soul? What about the children who are forgotten while we sit in meeting after meeting and discussion upon discussion about what we will do for other children someday?

Dedicated in loving memory of Destiny Grace, a little angel who didn’t have to die, shouldn’t have, and wouldn't have, if taking her precious life had been illegal. Her one life would have been worth saving. If only.


The time is now to stand for preborn children. Without this initiative, 48,000 more children would die between presidential election cycles. One thousand children are tortured to death every month in Colorado. This is not a political issue. This is a human rights crisis. This is not a matter of prudence but obedience. How can we save these children?

We have a predominantly extremist death culture in the legislature and the governor. We can bypass them by going directly to "We the People". With every ballot initiative for life, a higher percentage of Coloradans have voted for life until we need less than 20% more Coloradans to vote for life than Prop 115 for an initiative to pass.

Praying, educating, and encouraging people to vote for life helps the cause of protecting these children. We only lose if we forfeit. People need the truth. If we wait another election cycle, we play into the enemy’s hand by making it increasingly difficult to pass the same initiative in the future, and these children will be lost. We cannot forfeit these children’s lives for any reason. They will die without us.


After I looked things over, I stood up and said to the nobles, the officials and the rest of the people, “Don’t be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your families, your sons and your daughters, your wives and your homes.” (Nehemiah 4:14)

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