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What's Different About This Initiative?

+ This is the first life initiative on the Colorado ballot since the overturn of Roe.

+ This initiative has never been put forward in Colorado before.

+ This initiative applies the fourteenth amendment of the United States Constitution.

+ This initiative educates every Colorado voter on the humanity of preborn children.

+ This initiative takes a Biblical approach through the Body of Christ.

+ This initiative does not depend on worldly political weapons. (2 Cor 10:3-5)

+ This initiative provides local authority the ability to close facilities that kill children.

+ This initiative aligns with the Great Commission. (Matthew 28:20)

+ This initiative gives opportunity for the church to be obedient to Christ. (Matthew 25:40)

+ This initiative changes the narrative and conversation toward life.

+ This initiative keeps the debate focused on the protections of preborn children.

+ This initiative expands conversations and understanding of truth.

+ This is the first ballot initiative needing only 20% more votes for life to pass.

+ This initiative would stand if challenged before the United States Supreme Court.

To view the initiative: text

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