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What We Learned from Ohio

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Ohio prolife political groups rejected efforts to put forward an initiative in the state to ban abortion and chose instead to focus on only opposing an amendment to the Ohio state Constitution. The strategy was ineffective in mobilizing the prolife base in Ohio. Abortionists have the same plan for Colorado. We can learn from what didn’t work in Ohio.

To affect actual change in the law that would protect children, rather than just oppose bad legislation “downstream”, we are proactive, working as hard in the direction for life as the other side seems intent on death.

It is equally important that we not get lost in debate as if this were merely some kind of political campaign. We must recognize the struggle for what it is. This is a spiritual battle over the very real lives of children. We do not war against flesh and blood but principalities. Namely, strongholds welcomed into our state through child sacrifice.

The answer God gives us through His Word is to “take down the high places”, to physically remove the places of idolatry to the pagan gods of sexual lasciviousness and the resulting shedding of innocent blood.

As Christians, we have weapons God has given us to “take every thought captive” and “answer every argument raised against the truth”. We need to use them. We start by humbling ourselves before God and fearing God more than we fear losing the approval of fellow mortals.

What we learned from Ohio confirms that we cannot leave these moral decisions to politicians. We cannot continue to do business as usual and expect a different result. We cannot continue to react “downstream” of the abortionists and expect to gain ground.

Instead, we proactively seek to replace horrible laws with good ones that reflect our repentance and obedience to God. We are just as aggressive and mobilized as those who oppose life, and as committed and united toward life as the other is intent on death. We stand on the solid rock, on moral high ground, so we are not swept downstream with the culture. In short, to defeat evil, we promote good.

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. (Romans 12:21)


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