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Why Incrementalists Should Join the Movement

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

We live in a different political climate than just two years ago. This will be the first Prolife initiative on the ballot since the overturn of Roe v. Wade. This initiative applies the US Constitution to a moral and just (equal, fair) law that God can bless. We need only 20% more churchgoers to register and vote for life for this initiative to pass!

This is a moral and spiritual issue. Colorado has the most cruel and inhumane laws for allowing the painful killing of children. More than a thousand children die every month in Colorado, an average of 36 children per day, and 24,000 lives are lost between election cycles. One percent of children losing their lives are tortured to death through late term abortion, with 51% of abortions starving children to death through abortion pills in the mail. The rest are dismembered without anesthesia.

Abortion harms women, men, families, communities, and our nation. Women suffer physically, emotionally, and spiritually from abortion – 81% of women experience psychological issues following an abortion including anxiety, depression, and rage. Women experience 158% increase in pharmaceutical, alcohol, and drug addictions. Women risk hemorrhage, infection, infertility, and death by forcing a miscarriage. Seventy-three percent of women say they didn't know there was help available. Based on voluntary reporting, more than 57,000 women die and 5 million women are hospitalized annually worldwide from abortion. (WHO, 2019) If we do nothing, children continue to die and women continue to be harmed on our watch.

“It can’t pass,” “it won’t work,” “it’s not the right time,” “it’s not the right approach,”…. Is this true? Or are these just excuses for not putting forward the effort?

When teams play in the Super Bowl, and there is an underdog, I’ve never seen a team give up and forfeit the game just because they weren’t projected to win. Instead, I’ve seen teams play harder, proving themselves, many times coming from behind for an unexpected win! Why do we give up so easily the lives of tens of thousands of children without so much as a fight?

Just 20% more votes than Prop 115 is a good reason for an Incrementalist to pull the trigger to end abortion in our state. The initiative itself is educational. By building a wall of protection across the state through our congregations, this initiative is both winnable and sustainable. The question becomes, do we want to end abortion? Because if we do, here’s our chance.

Faye Barnhart applies Biblical truths to everyday decisions. A mother and wife, Faye has been a follower of Jesus Christ since a small child. She is a Life Affirming Specialist and Women's Advocate with more than twenty-six years in ministry.

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