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Why No Amount of Abortion is Ever Enough?

We know that the multi-billion-dollar abortion industry makes its money from abortion, so we can follow the money. We know that taking the lives of innocent human beings is itself hellish and the practice demonic and an important ‘religious’ rite in satanic devil worship. We know that allowing such evil tears at the very fabric of a society, the family, and individual in ways that God has historically judged and dispossessed nations because of the horrible injustice of it.

Abortion intentionally takes the life of a healthy, innocent, tiny living infant through poison, scalding, dismemberment, or other inhumane and painful torture, including stabbing them as they struggle to be born or leaving a child who has managed to survive to starve to death on a medical tray because the abortionist is not even bound by law to save a struggling child already breathing our air.

And now we know that abortionists harvest organs from living children for research primarily paid for by universities and our own government. Cell lines from aborted babies are used in testing most vaccines. Chemical abortions that cause a mother to go into preterm labor at home are on the rise making money for pharmaceutical companies that pay for ads on news outlets.  

  • For the man who God designed to be the protector and provider of his family, abortion tells him, ‘sit down and shut up’.

  • To the woman who God made to be the beautiful and gentle nurturer of her family, abortion invades the sacredness of her womb to extract her own child to make her barren, to cause her heart to harden and her love grow cold. Instead of the blessing of bringing life into the world, she becomes an agent of death.

  • For the doctor who may have entered the practice of medicine to heal, abortion forces medical students to participate in causing an unnecessary death of the tiniest patient.

  • To the family, abortion alienates man from woman, mother from child, and grandparents from grandchildren.

  • For society, abortion violates the basic God-given right to live from its youngest and most vulnerable members.

  • For the church, abortion defies faith and trust in a sovereign God who created this child and is able to work all things together for good in the lives of all involved.

  • To the child who God has created as a blessing with a purpose of their own, like each of us created in the image of God to be a masterpiece, they will not learn to walk, ride a bike, fall in love, have a first kiss, or have children of their own. Rather, their only experience on this earth will be rejection, pain, sorrow, and death.

Abortion is a hellish experience. Any woman bereft of her child, if she will allow herself a moment of honesty, will tell you that. There is nothing empowering about having one’s legs open in stirrups for a stranger to rip her insides out. Or, after taking a pill feeling like she may literally bleed to death. So, instead of beautiful mothers nursing their babies and caring for their children in humility and gentleness, we have angry women with their fists raised toward heaven demanding a ‘right’ that God Himself did not give them and that ultimately rages against His very nature of life and love as the Creator.

God loves people, and every command He has given us from “thou shalt not murder” to “love your neighbor as yourself” protects not only the other person, but the person who will hurt themselves if they violate the instructions for how to have the best life. When we violate the very will of our own Creator, we have hell to pay. God calls it sin. And He says it separates us from our God who is Himself loving, perfect, and kind toward us. The only way to get rid of that stain of the blood on our hands is through the willing sacrifice His own Son made for us by dying on a cross and His blood’s ability to wash our souls clean.

But God proves His love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8)

The devil didn’t have a son to send to earth to die for us. The devil requires the innocent blood of our sons and daughters to be sacrificed to him. One abortionist I’ve talked with said that the room literally became dark when she realized what she was doing was evil.

Abortionists lie to these women – and to us – that they are just taking a clump of cells. But that child with a beating heart, arms and legs and a face who looks like us is no more ‘just a clump of cells’ than we are.

Even textbooks hide the truth from students by showing the development of a child only in the first six weeks of development, or through drawings comparing humans to animals. Professors tell students that sexuality is a ‘need’ rather than a choice. Colorado educators are now expected to encourage young children to show and express sexual preferences for same or opposite sex children, grooming them for sexual addiction and abuse.

It’s even a law in Colorado when teaching on pregnancy to teach on abortion, placing in the mind of every young man and woman that if it’s that important that she’s sexually active, abortion is her back-up to interrupt the natural consequence of her choices, or rather, urges she is not expected to control, encouraging her to jump from a frying pan into the fire.

Many women express that the moment they realize that was their child was after it was too late. Many realize what they are doing while holding their child in their own hands.

Like death itself, abortion is never enough. When abortion was limited in Colorado to sixteen weeks and needed the approval of a panel of doctors only in cases of the health of the mother, rape, incest, or child abnormalities, it wasn’t enough. It had to be all nine months of pregnancy through the moment of birth. And it needed to be for no reason at all for the 98% of healthy children aborted in the thousands every year in Colorado.

Many women who want their children are put into crisis by doctors telling them there’s something wrong with their perfectly healthy child so they will abort during their time of crisis. And now that we have abortion all nine months through birth for no reason at all, this hellish ritual of child sacrifice wants to be a right we all respect and pay for so that we are all accomplices to these children’s deaths. And then, who will stand against the evil practice without feeling ourselves a hypocrite?

There is no reason for the twenty-two abortion clinics to operate in the state of Colorado. Their only purpose is to rip from mothers the lives of their children, and from fathers any authority or responsibility for their children. When it comes to healthcare, there are hospitals and medical clinics in every community that don’t have to participate in the practice of child sacrifice. And there is no hardship a mother cannot overcome, or that killing her child will solve, whether it’s financial, emotional, or a matter of ambition.

Abortion has nothing to do with “choice” as the Colorado legislature showed when they outlawed telling mothers they can reverse the effects of the first of two abortion drugs if she changes her mind and wants to save the life of her child through abortion pill reversal. Abortion has nothing to do with “choice” for the legislature trying to force pregnancy centers that are all about helping women thrive during pregnancy to have to refer women to terminate their pregnancies.

Abortion has nothing to do with “health” or “care” as it causes our sewer systems to be filled with the blood of these infants, along with the chemicals that prevent mothers from being able to carry their children in the safety of their bodies. It’s not about “bodily autonomy” because once a child is created, we’re no longer talking about a woman’s body, but the body of a child who also deserves protection from abuse and death.

Abortion is a satanic ritual that intentionally kills the image bearers of God and wounds everyone who participates in it. We are each created to be a masterpiece in the hands of a Master artist, loved by God, Because the evil one hates God, he hates us and will do everything he can to destroy us, using our own ignorance and disobedience of the natural laws of God that would protect us, and our own selfishness, to do it.

The truth is no amount of abortion is ever enough for those promoting its practice. Giving in to the evil by allowing some children to be killed in cases of rape and incest and life of the mother or some arbitrary stage of development will never be enough. And when we vote for such measures to allow it, we become guilty of the deaths of these children. Only by the grace of God through the repentance for our souls to Him, can the scales from our eyes be removed to see the horror of what we are doing.

Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. – Jesus (Luke 23:34)

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