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Why This Initiative?

This will be the first Life initiative on the Colorado ballot since the overturn of Roe. The initiative educates every Colorado voter. It applies protections from the United States Constitution to every child without discrimination. It is a just and fair law that God can bless because it aligns with the natural law of God, "thou shalt not kill." (Exodus 20:13) Everyone is expected to obey the law and everyone will be protected by the law.

​We are a movement in the Body of Christ building a wall of protection across our state, teaching the grace of Jesus, and warning against the sin of child sacrifice. God's people are asked to pray repentance for the state, educate fellow churchgoers, circulate and sign the official hard copy paper petition, and encourage others to Vote Life! If just 20% more churchgoers register and vote for life, it will pass.

This website is here to help with free educational links and handouts. The Prayer Guide and weekly Prayer Call unify us with the Father and each other. Scriptures and sermons help Pastors and teachers disciple in a Biblical understanding of the sanctity of every human life and God's requirement of just laws, "... teaching them whatsoever I have commanded...." (Matthew 28:20) and "declaring the whole counsel of God". (Acts 20:27)

​While this is Pastor led, not politically led, we welcome anyone who wants to help end the holocaust in our state. Because every child deserves a birthday, let's protect "the least of these" among us, the most vulnerable and innocent, and refer mothers to non-violent resources instead of taking the lives of their children. Let's show children that we've "got a heart", too!

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