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Will Women Be Prosecuted?

Updated: Mar 24

Let's be clear. It is not the intent of this initiative to prosecute mothers. It is the intent of this initiative to protect mothers from taking the lives of their children!

This initiative is written to prevent the mutilation and intentional deaths of children. As long as no one is intentionally mutilating or intentionally causing the death of a child, then no one will be prosecuted for breaking the law.

With the advice of multiple attorneys, medical doctors, and before a panel of representatives from the Attorney General, Secretary of State, Legislative Council, and others, this is how the law is intended to be interpreted.

The law makes it illegal to mutilate children and applies statutes fairly for all children. These children deserve fair laws to protect them. If someone still chooses to mutilate or intentionally end a child's life, it is then up to the judiciary.

In one hundred years of judicial precedent when abortion was illegal, the courts treated the abortionist as the criminal of the illegal act and the mother as a second victim upon which the act was perpetrated. Mothers were not prosecuted so that their testimony was used to convict those pimping the abortion. [1]

Our intention is not to prosecute women. Our intention is that women obey the law so that they and their children will be protected by the law.

Mothers are protected in that no one is going to stop trying to save the life of a mother. But there are currently no laws in Colorado protecting children from being intentionally killed between conception to birth.

The goal is to prevent anyone from taking these children's lives away from them.

The purpose of law is to protect people. The purpose of a red light is not to give a ticket when someone runs it, but to protect the people who could be killed if they do! The law is a teacher and deterrent to harmful and fatal behaviors, which is why we have laws.

The purpose of this law is to save children's lives, preventing loss of life and protecting mothers in the process. The sweet little toddler with pudgy cheeks and curly hair is the same child prior to birth with the same face, the same personality, and the same heartbeat that will last her lifetime. She feels pain by just seven weeks from conception and will move away from touch, because even light touch is painful to her fragile skin. She looks like a tiny newborn and she can be killed all forty weeks of pregnancy by any means, including poison, dismemberment, scalding, even her throat cut while she's working hard and hoping to be born. She is as living and human as you and I are, with the same Constitution protecting her right to live as ours. Currently, two thousand children a month are unprotected in Colorado from being tortured to death, their lives, futures, and the dreams they would have taken from them.

When we protect children, we also protect mothers. Childbirth and C-section are safer for mothers than intentionally causing a child to die. And mothers are not currently protected from the physical, emotional, and spiritual damage abortion causes women. Eighty-one percent of women experience psychological problems following an abortion and all women experience spiritual damage. In just one year, 5 million women were hospitalized and 57,000 women died from elective abortions worldwide. And those were just the reported hospitalizations and deaths, which Colorado is not required to report. [2]

When this passes, abortion clinics will be closed. Abortion pills may not be manufactured or mailed. Mothers will no longer be coerced, deceived, or exploited for profit by abortionists to endure a lifetime of trauma and grief. Mothers' bodies will not be legally violated by abortionists to rip their children from them, or put into preterm labor to deliver a dead son or daughter. We will have less rage, depression, anxiety, suicide, and drug and alcohol dependence among women, [3]

The lives of actual children will be saved!

Mothers will be referred to the many non-violent, no-cost resources available, including pregnancy care centers, modern adoption agencies, churches, and other agencies where caring women walk alongside mothers with individualized help so that mothers and their children can thrive! [4]

The pressing question becomes: What are you willing to do to save these children's lives?

[1]Why the States Did Not Prosecute Women for Abortion Before Roe v. Wade, Clarke Forsythe, J.D., Americans United for Life, 23 April 2010.

[2] WHO, 2019.

[3] Abortion and mental health: quantitative synthesis and analysis of research published 1995–2009, Cambridge University Press, 02 January 2018

[4] Protections Of Children, 18-6-901(8), Colorado Life Initiative, 18 Oct 2023.

Faye Barnhart, Co-Proponent of the Life Initiative for Colorado 2024, is a Life Affirming Specialist and Women's Advocate of nineteen years, served in a federal think tank on the co-occurrence of adult and child violence and four pregnancy care centers in two states, including CEO of the largest pregnancy care center geographically in the US and Colorado. She has been a follower of Jesus Christ since a small child.


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