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Two-Year Anniversary Overturn of Roe

It's been two years since the seemingly impossible happened with the overturn of Roe v Wade in the Dobbs decision. Taking a similar course to slavery in the United States, the Supreme Court had made an overarching dismissal of all fifty states of laws that previous to 1973 limited or outlawed abortion in all the states.

Even in Colorado - the first notorious state for allowing abortion - it was originally limited to sixteen weeks and needed a three-panel of doctors and the permission of the husband. As archaic as that may sound, it shows how compromising with evil has gotten us to where we are today where more than two thousand children are legally tortured to death every month in Colorado all nine months of pregnancy. According to abortionists, 99% of these mothers were perfectly healthy and the children could have been placed in any one of the thousands of loving homes waiting to adopt a baby!

After fifty years of deception and reprogramming the American people to think it's a right for a mother to kill her own children, the Court put it back onto the states. Prior to the Civil War, states decided whether to allow slavery in their states until it became nationally banned. Of course, law has to be enforced to be effective. While slavery is illegal, and our enemies crossing the southern border is illegal, it doesn't matter if those in the Executive office of our government don't care to enforce the law or keep their oath of office to uphold the Constitution.

Regardless, abortion should be banned nationally. It is in the United States government's best interest not to kill its own future citizens who will be the work force, military, and wealth of this future nation. It is also morally prudent not to tear at the fabric of its own people by tearing families and causing irreparable physical and psychological harm to women of childbearing age. Sociologists haven't begun to study the devastating consequences of abortion on men, churches, and our communities, though we know they are very real as we observe them.

It will take the prolife states pushing as hard as they can, and those of us pushing from behind in these backwards states to move the nation forward to protect all children.

While God is separating the wheat from the chaff in these last days of the church on earth, we also cannot sit idly by for whatever months, years, decades, or however long we may have left allowing evil to overrun us. If we as God's people with a moral compass of love do nothing to stop the exploitation of women and the brutal murder of their children, then those without a moral compass make the law and we all suffer the

consequences for it.

These children with faces, fingers, and toes within the first seven weeks of life and with a future, destiny, and hope already created in the image of God from the first moment of living deserve the same right to live that you and I enjoy. Without that, no other rights exist. If we do not stand up for the most vulnerable among us, then who will stand up for us?

Until the US Constitution is properly applied to all living human beings, we must stop this

slippery slope of following behind culture. We must stand on the rock of truth so society can find it. We must be as bold standing for the truth as the opposition stands for lies!

The Colorado Life Initiative is a grassroots movement in the body of Christ mobilizing communities to pray, educate, and proactively change law to protect all living children from child sacrifice in Colorado.

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