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Unique in Calling; United in Purpose

We aren't all doing the same things, but we all have the same goal: to save the lives of women and children!

Just as each of us has one body with many members, and not all members have the same function, so in Christ we who are many are one body, and each member belongs to one another. (Romans 12:4)

​ As Christian citizens, we want to make a difference in our culture! We pray and carry out God's will on earth. As the body of Christ, we all truly care, but apart from each other, we can’t each do everything! It takes each of us – all of us - doing our part in what God has called us to do!

Each part of the body doesn't act like a mouth that is educating, or a toe that is balancing, or hand that is reaching. We need every part of the body! And every part of the body to function properly must be connected to the brain, the head, that is Christ, to direct us and guide us in faith.

Each individual and group has their unique gifting and calling. We are not all doing the same thing or approaching it from the same way, and that's how it should be! We are united in purpose but unique in our calling!

Our more than 700 volunteers are involved in many ways outside this Initiative: educating churches, working to elect prolife legislators, providing adoption services and foster care, empowering women with emotional and practical support, teaching parenting classes, providing childcare, sharing the grace of Jesus, … Our communities are filled with these heroes!

One of the many ways we can impact our culture is by passing fair laws to protect women and children. God's Word clearly calls us to speak out on behalf of the innocent and enact just (fair, equal) laws. Law deters women from harming themselves and their children. Then those involved in ministering to women through no-cost pregnancy care centers and churches can help women and children thrive!

We need all the parts of the body, all the members of the team, all the pieces of the puzzle .... speaking and acting upon the truth in love! Whether on a large or individual scale, the only thing we cannot do is nothing. There is a holocaust targeting women, silencing men, and killing children! Women, men, families, churches, and communities are devastated in its wake. Abortion harms all of us. Especially, the least of these.

Faye Barnhart applies Biblical truths to everyday decisions. A mother and wife, Faye has been a follower of Jesus Christ since a small child. She is a Life Affirming Specialist and Women's Advocate with more than twenty-six years in ministry.


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